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Save Space With Integrated Cupboards And Wardrobes

Running out of room for your belongings? Finding clutter around the house is becoming a nuisance? Then why not opt for brand new integrated and fully fitted cupboards around your home!?

integrated wardrobes


There’s plenty of reasons why moving home makes no financial sense – even if you have a large and expanding family. With house prices still on the
rise and kids comfortable in their current school, it’s difficult to make that kind of decision. But what’s left to do if you’re running out of room all about the home? Well, it sounds like an overly simplistic solution – but as long as everyone already has enough beds to sleep in then there’s no reason why getting brand new integrated cupboards, drawers and wardrobes installed throughout the home can’t go to some lengths to solve the problem!

What is Integrated Furniture?

Also known as ‘fitted’ or ‘built-in’ furniture, integrated cupboards and wardrobes are designed to blend seamlessly with your natural interior, whether they are installed inside or against your walls, under the stairs or on top or underneath your beds. They usually include coverings, such as sliding or folding doors, so you can hide your clutter well out of sight but still have ease-of-access to anything and everything you need. Some of the more popular integrated furniture items include:

  • Hidden cupboards (usually under beds or countertops)
  • Walk-in or sliding wardrobes
  • Miniature libraries and bookcases
  • Wine racks
  • Media units (which usually include space for a flat-screen television, satellite box and DVD or Blu-Ray player)
  • Bay window ottomans
  • Household bins
  • Integrated dishwashers and fridge-freezers (although these might require installation by a fully trained and qualified plumber instead of a regular tradesman)

Benefits of Integrated Furniture

So now you know what kind of integrated furniture is available on the market, what are the benefits of having it installed on your property?

  • Integrated furniture can save room throughout your home, allowing you to use existing nooks and crannies as space-saving storage options and reducing the need for additional, bulky items of furniture that would otherwise take up much needed space across the property.
  • The furniture comes in a range of different materials, colors and finishes, allowing you to blend any integrated items neatly and seamlessly with your existing interior decor.
  • Integrated furniture can be made to measure for almost any kind of room or household, so you can make the most of any unused spaces anywhere in your property – and still have the furniture custom-made too.
  • Finally, integrated furniture’s minimalist design means it is hardly noticeable. In fact, it’s sleek and cohesive look can help to maintain a level of aesthetic calm and tranquility throughout your home – making it the perfect addition to the most noisy, chaotic home.

integrated furnitureDepending on the quality of the furniture and how well it is installed, integrated furniture might even boost the overall value of your property – making it an even more worthwhile, long-term investment for your home. Just make sure you shop around for the best deals in a number of different furniture and home-ware stores first – not to mention hiring only the most professional and competent tradesman to carry out the installation too. As with any major home-improvement project, careful budgeting is essential to success; and if you can’t afford all the integrated furniture you want straight away, don’t worry – there’s no need to have it fitted all at once! Why not just pick out the areas most in need of a clean-up first, and work backwards from there? This will help save money and reduce the risk of overhauling your home during the installation process.

Only by following these essential steps for integrated furniture installation are you guaranteed to see the benefits of this home-improvement piling up in just a matter of days – as your home becomes both clutter and stress-free!

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