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Lean Conservatory Costs

A lean to conservatory is usually installed with a basic floor plan of rectangular shape. These conservatories utilize the space well and maximize the sunlight entering the room. Compared to other types, lean to conservatory prices are low. Since there are a number of options available, the costs do vary. Let us take a deeper look at how lean to conservatory prices are affected.



Lean to conservatory designs are flexible and feature many options; you can select any of these as per your desires. For the base, you have three main choices, which are dwarf walls, full glass models and raised uPVC panels. As for the roof, you can either opt for glass or polycarbonate. Glass allows more light to enter, but polycarbonate is a more affordable option.


A number of features are offered with a lean to conservatory to make it secure and prevent an intrusion. With every feature that you choose, prices will rise. The most common of these are internal beading on the glass, force resistant hinges, multi point locking system for the doors and shot locking mechanism for the windows. You can also opt for toughened glass.

Some installers offer a guarantee with lean to conservatories. This covers the installation value and deposit cost. Failure to comply to building policies must also be included.

Average Costs

Lean to conservatory prices vary with all of the above factors. If the size of your conservatory is 3000 x 1500 mm, the incurred costs are around £3,800. Fiord a size of 6,000 mm x 3,000, the costs are around £6,700.

You can also calculate prices based on your chosen models. The dwarf models start at £2,000 whereas the full glass models price range begins at £2,185. If you are opting for raised panels, you will have to pay an amount greater than £2,500.

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