Lawn Maintenance Callendar

Having a beautiful healthy looking lawn is very inviting to all the guests who visit your home. It keeps your home looking friendly, inviting, inhabited and lively

lawn-maintainance-callendar. A mowed lawn is always a great sign of life and neatness. However even though we know that mowing the lawn is important we should know when and how to work so that we do not damage and discolor the grass on our lawns. The seasons of the year make it such that not every time of the year is a great day to walk on your lawn with a lawn mower or to fertilize your seeds.

The winter
For most parts of the country this season last four months: November through to February. It is crucial that lawn owners realize that the grass at this point has hidden all its energy in the roots awaiting the much warmer weather that can allow it to flourish. Therefore, there is practically nothing much that you can do now except maybe removing the leaves with the rake. In case the grass is not completely water logged. If it is water logged do not walk all over it just wait for it to dry completely.

Spring is a season that occurs anywhere between March to June. At this season is when most of the work begins. Remember the ground has just been ‘unfrozen’ and there is plenty of rainfall and heat to allow for germination and growth of both grass and weeds.

You will be required to mow a lot more often and to adjust your rake so that it allows the grass to “sit up’ for the mower. In March, you will only be required to cut the grass at the top because cutting any deeper will damage the stem causing you lawn to be brown. This will be embracing considering it is the season when every plant is flourishing.

Early April is a great time to apply lawn seed to parts of the lawn so it can be as full as you need it to be. Be sure to extensively rake he areas where you need your seeds to be so that they have enough time to settle into he soil and get the minerals they need for germination. If you have any weeds, it is also a great time to use your lawn weed control products but use the only where necessary.

In the late spring, aerate your soil using the lawn aerator machine. It is also a great idea to reduce the size of your blade on the lawn mower because the grass is growing with very high speed due to the increased heat and the available rainfall.

During the summer, the sun is hot and the rainfall is too little. During this time, you should trim your edges to ensure that the grass only at the lawn not on the sidewalks. Due to the increased heat, it is a great idea that you water your lawn thoroughly so that it does not dry out and become brown. The best time to water is in the evenings so that the soil has enough time to soak in the water as during the day the water will evaporate quickly and u will in turn have to use a lot of water to keep you lawn looking colorful.

If there is clover on your lawn remember to rake before you begin mowing. Also if weeds are still prevalent, apply lawn weed treatment to kill ad destroy them.

Remove any warm casts by brushing with a broom during your mowing sessions and continue to mow and water as required by your lawn, buy now you should see how much water is needed and what size of grass you want.

Because of the many parties held over the summer and the amount of walking around your lawn maybe trampled on. It is a great time to aerate it. It is also a good time to over seed the areas of your awn that may require you to do so, allowing the grass to have grown before the winter sets in. Continue to trim and maintain or repair the edges and keeping the lawn smooth by doing away with bumps and hollows. Also, remove the amount of dead grass and moss that must be building up by now.

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