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Keeping Clean: A Guide to Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

Carpets can lost a long time if they’re well looked after – so what are the most popular and effective cleaning methods you should use?

Keeping your home looking fresh and as good-as-new can be tiring and a lot harder than it sounds, especially where carpets are concerned –after all, you’re not always around to catch stains and spills as soon as they hit the ground, and attempts at removing them even just a couple of hours later can often make things worse. Plus it’s not always in everyone in the family’s nature to get the vacuum cleaner out once in a while, so you’re left struggling to keep up!

So what can you do to improve the overall look of your carpets? And how do you treat those dangerous stains that might end up costing a lot more than an hour’s scrubbing?

Quick Tips for Cleaning Carpets

Well, there are number of things you can do – both on a regular basis and for one-off treatments – to keep you’re carpet looking and smelling fresh, including the following:

* Ensure carpets are cleaned and maintained regularly. That means vacuuming them at least once a week, and even more on heavy-duty floor areas that are regularly walked all over. Use the attachments and extras that come with the vacuum to access those hard-to-reach corners of the home, and don’t be afraid to get the family to pitch in too – even if it means just taking their shoes off at the door, it’s good to remind them that every little helps!

* Mix up budget household remedies for stains before buying from the supermarket. If ordinary soap and water doesn’t work, several things lying around the home – from washing powder and shampoo to vinegar and lemon juice – all have latent cleaning properties, and can be used effectively (sometimes even more effectively than off-the-shelf products) to remove instant stains – plus it will save you money in the long run. Soda water, for instance, is great for getting out coffee stains, while soaking stuck chewing gum in ice for fifteen minutes can help lift it out without damaging the carpet fibres.

* Use purpose cleaning products from the supermarket to deal with tough stains that won’t budge. These are often designed and formulated to treat a specific kind of stain, and are therefore great for when you don’t know what kinds of ordinary household products would be best to use. Plus they are often scented, leaving your home smelling fresher than ordinary water would permit. You can find such products in almost any supermarket, usually somewhere down the home-cleaning aisle.

* Take your time to remove these tough stains – excess scrubbing and wiping can damage the carpet and ruin the arrangement of the fibres; usually a simple dabbing motion will suffice, especially with extra-strong chemical cleaners. Always read instructions on bottles, powders and sprays carefully, and never leave them to soak for too long – or you might find the carpet discolouring as well.

* Finally, if you want to simply bring out the colour and vibrancy in your carpet that has long been missing, then why not hire a carpet shampooer, either from a local hardware or DIY store or an online retailer such as RugDoctor? They usually let you keep it for a full 24 hours and can even provide all the appropriate chemicals and cleaning agents to use with the model or machine they hire out – so you get the time to do the whole house without having to invest in one yourself! Just remember, as long as you keep up with your weekly cleaning schedule there’s no reason carpets have to dull and fade so readily – no matter how long you have them for!

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