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Keeping Clean: Dusting and Deep-Cleaning your Property

Making sure your home is clean and hygienic is important for you and your family’s health – so how do you get to all the hard-to-reach places to make sure they are as clean as possible?

house-cleaningWhether you are carrying out a spring clean or simply want the place looking a bit fresher than it has of late, there are a number of ways to overcome those annoying difficulties when carrying out your usual chores.

Deep-Cleaning Difficulties

There are several places in the home you might find difficult or hard-to-reach when getting out the duster, scrubbing brush or vacuum cleaner, including:

  • Behind and below radiators.
  • In between railings and banisters.
  • Around plug sockets and light switches.
  • Around skirting boards, ceilings and crown mouldings.
  • Behind the toilet and cistern and underneath sinks.
  • Behind and around doors and handles.
  • Around fireplaces.
  • Underneath sideboards and kitchen worktops.
  • Under beds, sofas, shelving units and other larger items of furniture.
  • On top of and around lampshades and light fixtures and fittings.

Remember to keep an eye out for all of these, as they are the locations home-owners often forget when they’re in the middle of a deep-clean.

Deep-Cleaning Tips and Advice

So what is the best way to tackle all the grime and dirt that isn’t that easy to get to? Well, here are just some of our main tips to getting the job done as effectively and efficiently as possible:

  • Start from the top to bottom when cleaning your home, going methodically room-by-room, and the around the room job-by-job; this way you are less likely to miss anything.
  • Make sure you are using the right tools and equipment for the job at hand. Newspaper, for instance – rather than a cloth or sponge – is often a great way to prevent smear marks on windows and glassware, while sometimes a simple duster allows for a more thorough clean than the various vacuum extensions most models have to offer.
  • If you are using a water-based mixture, make sure the water is piping hot when you add it to the soap or cleaning chemicals; that is the best way to activate their cleaning agents and make sure you are killing as many germs and harmful bacteria as possible.
  • Always dust before you hoover or polish – that way everything dirty is on the floor ready to be swept up and thrown out before you make furniture look shiny and new.
  • Throw curtains and rugs into the washing machine so you have greater access to all the hidden areas of the home. If necessary, you could even hire a carpet shampoo unit to really get out all the trodden in dirt that has built up over the last few years.
  • Finally, use make-shift long-handled dusters to reach corners and lampshades. These are especially useful in high-ceiling properties, and can be put together from an old broom handle and new cloth or sponge; plus it can last for years if you aren’t too much of an aggressive cleaner!

Remember, if cleaning isn’t really your thing, or you simply don’t have the time for a proper spring clean, then you can always hire a trained and experienced cleaner to come and get the work done for you. A professional cleaning service will usually offer fantastic rates for a series of different household tasks; so long as you understand what is going to get done before you sign any kind of contract, it might be the best way to keep on top of those chores that are simply proving too much for your current routine!

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