Just finished renovations? An inspection is your best bet. Here’s why.

home renovation inspection tips

The picture is a common one: You’ve put in months and months of slog and hard work to get close to finished. You’re keen to continue now your renovation work is wrapped up, but you’re concerned about safety and want to do things the right way.

Inspections aren’t the most glamorous or exciting things in the world, but they’re a vital conclusion to any sound construction or renovation project. Particularly for buildings, be they commercial or residential, the need to have electrical wiring and appliances checked is important for safety. 

What kind of thing does an inspector look for?

If at any point you decide to add something to your home or to remodel it in some manner, you’ll invariably end up involving electricals. At some point, the work you’re doing will peel back the walls, floors and ceilings to expose electrical wiring you’ll probably want to remove, replace or upgrade. 

When they’re coming to perform an inspection, your electrical work will be reviewed closely. The inspector is doing their best to ensure that any work you’ve done – and any wiring added – is up to code. An important point that many mistake is that the inspector will not comment on how good your construction work is. They have a focus and they see to that focus. 

What’s the consequence of not doing it?

Apart from the obvious legal non-compliance that could see you in prison or fined extensively, there’s the simple matter of safety. Wiring and faulty equipment are leading causes of injuries and fatalities in UK properties, whether they are commercial or residential. When equipment and wiring degrade over time, it can lead to incidents that can leave you liable for the injury and damaged sustained by others – or by your property and assets. 

It’s simply not worth the hassle of not doing. Instead of winging it and trying to avoid the responsibility, it’s better to accept the reality of the situation and get set up with a reliable provider of electrical wire inspection

You could benefit, too.

One of the more overlooked aspects of fixed wire electrical inspections are how they can lead to serious improvements in a property. When an inspection is done, you’ll receive from your engineer recommendations on what to do and what to improve. This will leave you with a few actions you can take to meet and then exceed compliance requirements.

There are many stories online of companies who have made modest investments in their energy-saving infrastructure and equipment. The returns reported are remarkable. You don’t even have to necessarily pay upfront, either; there are government initiatives that support businesses going green and even altering your equipment and wiring at no cost can lead to savings for your bottom line. 

It’s a real win-win situation, in truth. Your electricals are tested and the safety of your newly renovated property is secured. In the process, you learn how to better improve your property so it is friendlier to the environment and more valuable as an asset. 

A worthy investment.

It’s a responsible and proactive thing to do. You can set up a schedule for testing however you want, making it a simple process to get hooked into your way of working. In time, you may even see for yourself just how much you can save by adapting some of your business and its appliances and wiring to newer, more energy-efficient versions. With a little care and investment, your bottom line could improve. Great stuff.  

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