Is my property suitable for solar panels?

Most properties in the United Kingdom are suitable for installing solar panels. Ideally,  the roof should be large, facing the south and pitched at around 30°- 45° but you can also have your solar panel system designed in away to accommodate your roof in the best possible way.

Which way does your roof face?

The directions that your roof faces influences the amount of sunshine that you solar PV system receives during the day. South is in general considered the best direction for installing solar systems, while north is considered the worse one due to the lack of irradiance. East or west facing roofs achieve only 15% less output compared to south systems.

What’s the angle of the roof?

Ideally, the best mounting angle is between 30° and 45°. However, even if your roof is flat, the angle can be controlled by mounting panels to a framing system that allows for a better mounting angle.

How Much Space Is It Required?

Solar panels used to require a lot of space a few decades ago. However, their efficiency has improved a lot and the required space keeps decreasing year by year. You should ask help from the installer. There is not need to worry about that at all, as it is solely his/her responsibility.

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How Energy Efficient Is Your Home

In order for your home to be energy efficient, it needs to be rated at EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating D or above. Energy Performance Certificates measure the efficiency of your home and by taking several renewable measures  you can improve your score. If your score reached D or above, then you qualify for the full feed-in tariff. The majority of the houses in the United Kingdom already meet grade D but there are a few, usually the older ones that need to be improved to reach this grade.

Which  Part of UK Do You Live

The south part of the United Kingdom receives more sunshine than the rest, so the more south you live the better. However, solar PV systems can be installed almost in any part of the UK.

How is your home connected to the grid?

Once your solar PV panels have been installed, your installer will need to register the site with the  Microgeneration Certification Scheme. After the registration is complete, you will receive a certificate by email which you can use to claim your Feed-in-Tariffs.

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