Introduce these 8 key objects in your renovated modernist house

Whether you have to deal with small or large spaces – the following objects and pieces of furnishings can easily change your house into a collection of moving pieces of art. For example, let’s begin the renovation with a small, but comfortable daybed.

1) Daybed or chair. Or else, equip the living room or the guest room of your new house with a daybed and a chair. These yet large and important furnishings are must-haves in a modern house, especially if you plan to separate a remote corner for a relaxation, watching TV, reading, etc.

2) Marble furnishings. A vibrant palette of dark and white motifs of the marble should be a great combination for an integrated piece of furniture, for example, a marble table, marble shelves or a decorative marble lamp. Don’t forget to call professional house removals company when moving furniture and especially expensive heavy furnishings, which are made out of marble or stone!

3) A small side table with wooden chairs. Select clean and bold shapes for the chairs, which should be a great additional highlight to the modernist atmosphere. Another great idea is to keep in mind whether your new house needs only a new small table, for example, if you want to take the old chairs when moving house.

4) Lights with modernist look. The lights are an exceptionally important piece of art in the home and the right choice can make you feel comfortable not only in the nighttime when they’re lit, but also in the daytime when they show their true striking outlook. Break the rules and put LED lights into something unusual like bottles, glass plates, cups or other glass items. A strange combination of a lamp with thin wooden dark handles is another great idea or maybe a lamp in a big fan in the middle of the ceiling.

5) Decorations for the walls. From a complex stoned wall covering or coverings with a brick design, to a simple squared piece of textile or just a small picture hanging in the middle of the wall – the walls provide some of the greatest highlights for the renovation of the atmosphere. Not to mention that a combination of new curtains that cover parts of the walls and parts of the windows at once, are a perfect decision if you want the windows to wash soft sunlight deep into the house.

6) Pillows everywhere. They might be dozens of small and light pillows spread through the entire house, or only a few large pillows onto the floors and the sofas. One you and your guests can find plenty of spots for sitting and talking, and two the right choice of color can transform the yet simple pillows into the best mood-enhancing objects after the renovation. They are also perfect as small removals if you want to change quickly some colors in the rooms.

7) Rugs and textile objects. Even the smallest rugs for truly small spaces can alter the charm of the entire house atmosphere, as well as perhaps the easiest objects to move in the house. From the comfort and warmth of the long-fiber textiles in the wintertime, to the calmness of the rugs with pastel colors for the springtime – the places with soft floor coverings can easily change into your favorite daybed.

8) Corner full of magazines and books. The large library might be overwhelming to watch, especially if it covers most of the wall area. Because of that, a small but new and stylish library should be a better idea. Or else, just make a special corner on the table or right on the floor for piling magazines.

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