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Your Guide To Installing electrics in Manchester UK

If you like having more rooms in your house and don’t want to change location, why not extend your house and stay in your favourite suburb

installing electrics in manchesterElectrical installation includes wiring, lights, electrical devices such as heaters or cookers and anything else involving  the distribution of electricity. You won’t necessarily need a professional electrician for these jobs, as it is quite easy to plug-in a TV set or change a light bulb for example,  but for tasks such as changing a defective socket or connecting a new ceiling lamp,you need to hire a trained professional for any electrical installation in Manchester. 

Types of electrical installation in Manchester

You may need to install brand new wiring, repair electrical devices or upgrade your existing electrics. Initial electrical installation, for instance in a new build property in Manchester, involves a lot of work around your house and is best done before the flooring is laid and walls have been decorated because the new wires will have to be concealed. If the electrics in your home are outdated, completely new wiring may be necessary to prevent fire risk and possible damage to your electric devices and your home. Electrical repairs or upgrades such as replacing electrical devices or installing underfloor heating will need to be carried out by an electrician.

Tips for Manchester electrical installation

Whether you need to wire all rewire the whole house or simply some electrical repairs, there are a few things to bear in mind to avoid unnecessary expenses and to make sure your electrical installation in Manchester is safe. Be certain before you hire the electrician what work you need them to do, when wiring a new property or rewiring an old one plan carefully how many electrical sockets you will need in each room according to the amount of electrical devices you need to plug-in. Hiring a licensed electrician in Manchester ensures that electrical work will be carried out professionally and will meet current standards and electrical safety requirements, which is very important for extensive projects and is legally required by Building Regulations in UK.

How much will electrical installation cost in Manchester?

electrical installation in ManchesterDepending on the type of work they are assigned to do, an electrician would charge either an hourly rate plus a call out fee or a flat fee for a whole project including material and labour costs.

Hourly Rate

With most electricians in Manchester, electrical installation work will cost you between £15 – £30 per hour plus materials such as light switches or socket.

Other examples:

Rewiring a whole three bedroom house will cost around £1,500 – £3,500 depending on the amount of work necessary and on the standards you request.

Changing a broken electric shower or a broken cooker will cost around £50 – £100 plus material cost.

Adding an extra socket costs around £35 while you are rewiring your house.

Compare Prices

It is important to compare prices and to get at least three different quotes before assigning major Manchester electrical installation work to a contractor. Nevertheless, electrical installation is also an issue of safety and therefore the cheapest option may not always be the safest and most favourable one.

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