Installing bamboo blinds – What are the benefits?

Want to replace your shabby, lifeless curtains? Then installing bamboo blinds is a great way to add a bit of modern style and visual appeal to your dull windows.
Installing bamboo blinds

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Although curtains are great insulators and particularly easy to use, there is no denying that in most modern homes they simply look like something out of another era; heavy, tatty and more often than not, full of dust and bacteria you can’t even see. Fortunately, there is a perfect replacement readily available: bamboo blinds. These blinds are an inexpensive way to add a bit of sleek style to a single room or your entire home, and offer a smart, contemporary appearance that won’t go out of fashion. Bamboo blinds can be purchased from almost any major furniture or curtain retailer, and have numerous benefits for the average household, some of which are outlined below.

Why choose bamboo?

To most of us in the Western world, bamboo is immediately associated as the main food source of a cuddly black-and-white bear. In fact it is also a widely cultivated raw material used to build furniture and even make medicine with. If you’re worried about the cost and environmental effects of importing bamboo, then not to worry; you can now purchase bamboo as fair-trade, green-registered product that does more good than harm. And what most people aren’t aware of is the extraordinary growth rate of the plant, which can surge to 100cm in a 24-hour period – so any rumours of being an endangered species are entirely false. So now you know it is safe to purchase, why not have a look at all the advantages blinds made of bamboo will provide for your home?

Bamboo blinds benefits

Bamboo blinds benefits can be seen bellow. Even though the list is not exhaustive, it help get a good understanding why they make an excellent choice.

  • Bamboo is highly rated by industry experts as a soft and visually appealing blind option, what with its natural rustic aesthetic and clean, earthly hue; so it should blend neatly with any other décor.
  • Thanks to modern synthetic technology bamboo now also comes in a range of shades and colours for homeowners to choose from. Natural yellows, teak or oak is a great look for a mellow and sunny south-facing kitchen environment, while darker reds or mahogany is perfect for a richly decorated bedroom or living room and milk-white or coconut hues add to the hygienic look of most modern bathroom fittings.
  • Bamboo blinds can also be purchased made-to-measure, saving you the trouble of cutting and sewing yourself and buying more than you need.
  • They can also be fitted and hung by almost any homeowner with a basic understanding of curtain rails. If DIY just simply isn’t your thing, a professional fitter can come and do the work for you at a very small price.
  • Unlike curtains, bamboo blinds don’t attract dust and dirt, so they should stay looking fresh for at least a couple of months before they need a quick wipe-down with a dry cloth. They are also extremely grease resistant, so you don’t have to worry about installing them in a kitchen or cooking environment – they should last just as long as in any other room.
  • Once the bamboo blinds are up and running they are also very easy to operate – just like any other blinds they can be fitted with a single or double pulley system that comes with easy-to-read instructions and can be worked by anyone.
  • Finally, bamboo blinds are a surprisingly cheap way of modernising your home and adding a bit of luxury to a few rooms that are in dire need of a facelift; a four foot roll can be purchased for as little as £10 – but find anything of higher quality for under £70 and you have definitely got yourself a bargain! So what are you waiting for – bamboo blinds are definitely the current way to go.

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