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Benefits & Cost Estimations of Installing an electric shower

If you’re looking to revamp your bathroom then why not consider installing a powerful electric shower? Find out more about the benefits, installation and costs here.

download (2)Getting up first thing in the morning isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, and more often than not it can be a real effort; so the last thing we need when getting ready for work or preparing to drop the kids off at school is an unreliable shower. If this is what you keep waking up to then it’s time to do something about it – so why not look into installing a brand new electric shower?

What type of electric shower should I choose?
There are two main types of electric shower fittings to choose from, one of which is connected to your existing mains supply and the other which involves installing an additional cold water supply tank.

Mains supply – using you current mains supply simply involves connecting your new electric model to the existing boiler, which then transfers the water when initiated by the on-switch – it really is that easy to use! Actually connecting your new electric shower to your mains supply can, however, be tricky. You will need to check that your existing pipe work has a minimum diameter of 15mm, a minimum running pressure of 0.7 bar and a minimum flow rate of eight litres per minute, otherwise extensive restructuring will need to take place, in which case you may as well look into installing a tank instead.

Pumped tank-fed supply – a cold water tank (usually installed as a single pump model either behind the walls or if there isn’t enough room, outdoors and underground) is the perfect solution if your existing boiler proves incompatible with a new electric shower. It uses restrictive solenoids that stop the unnecessary flow of water when the shower isn’t in use, and the special ‘pump’ technology is designed to maintain a consistent pressure between the tank and the water unit after you flick the on-switch. This model overcomes the pitfalls of hooking up the shower to your old boiler, as it won’t be in constant use and therefore has added longevity: making it highly durable and long-lasting.

What are the advantages of an electric shower?

  • Electric showers operate through ‘on-demand’ technology, so will heat up water instantly –that is, much faster than a traditional boiler. Plus it will only heat what you need or use, helping you to be a little more eco-friendly (through preserving water) and saving you money on your energy bills in the process.
  • Because electric showers are designed to work at maximum efficiency you also get an improved flow rate and a much stronger water pressure compared to a standard pipe design. This allows you to wash faster and feel cleaner and more refreshed when you’re finished; a perfect way to start a hard day’s work!
  • Electric showers are easy and quick to fit, however it’s best to hire a professional to fit yours as there are strict regulations regarding electrical work in the UK.

How much does an electric shower cost?

The cost of a new electric shower may vary according to your circumstances, but on average a new model can be purchased for anything between £50 and £250. The real expense, however, comes from the internal work that usually needs to be completed by a professional electrician or plumber, who should ideally be registered with either the NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting) or the CIPHE (Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering).

Whoever you choose to hire, just make sure you shop around first to get the best deal possible. Hooking up your new model to an existing boiler usually costs somewhere around £350 to £650, while installing a new cold water tank will cost a little more; around £800 to £1,200. And that’s not to mention hourly labour charges, which should be anywhere between £30 and £75 an hour. So make sure you budget carefully before signing any contracts. As long as you plan the refit carefully, you should have a brand new shower within a matter of weeks – giving you that refreshing start to the day that you’ve been so looking forward too!

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