Air source heat pumps

Installing a heat pump in Gloucester – Benefits & Cost Estimations

A heat pump can be an eco-friendly and cost saving alternative to common heating systems – find out about installing a heat pump in Gloucester here.
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A heat pump will absorb heat from the environment, for example from the ground, air or from water, which can be used to heat your home in Gloucester or to supply you with hot water. Even though electricity is needed to keep the pump running, heat pumps are considered to be a green technology because much less electricity is needed to keep a pump running than traditional heating systems use. A heat pump can also be used in reverse to keep your home cool in summer; the same technology that can bring heat from outside to your home can also be used to absorb heat from your home and to channel that heat off to the outside.

Types of heat pumps in Gloucester

There are three main types of heat pump systems available in Gloucester:

  • Ground source heat pumps: these will absorb heat from the ground through looped pipes. Water circulating through these pipes absorb heat from the ground which is then concentrated in the pump.
  • Air source heat pumps: they are similar to ground source heat pumps but the heat is absorbed from the outside air. This will even work at air temperatures below 0°C.
  • Water source heat pumps: these heat pumps will require a river or a lake near your house from which the heat can be absorbed.

Installing a heat pump in Gloucester

Once you have a heat pump installed at your home in Gloucester it will require very little maintenance but the installation itself can be rather extensive. For a ground source heat pump you will require some space outside your house with ground suitable for burying the pipes.

An air source heat pump will need at least some space where the outside collecting unit can be fitted. As heat pumps generate slightly less heat than conventional systems such as gas or oil heating, it is important that the house is well insulated. You will also need to consider how you want the individual rooms to be heated, even though a heat pump can be used with radiators as well as with hot air, it will usually perform best with hot air heating or underfloor heating.Kilcot-Air-Source-Heat-Pump-1

Costs and savings of a heat pump in Gloucester

A geothermal or ground source heat pump system in Gloucester will cost from £5,000 upward plus installation costs, depending on the size of the system and the work necessary to bury the pipes. Air source heat pumps are slightly cheaper, as they are easier to install.

How to find a the most suitable model

An experienced plumber or heat pump installer will help you decide on the type of heat pump best suitable for your home and as the installation fees may differ you should get at least three different quotes before you hire a contractor.


It is important that the house is well insulated and it is advisable to have low temperature heating systems like underfloor heating installed for the heat pump to work efficiently. Depending on the heating system you compare it to a ground source heat pump in Gloucester can save you from £50 – £500 per year.

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