How to Weatherproof Your Home

How to Weatherproof Your HomeWhenever the winter period approaches, one of the concerns and property repairs activity top on the list to be done is usually weatherproofing our homes. It is always recommended to do the best job you can, or damages might lead to an unwanted house relocation or moving home to a temporary place until the damages have been taken care of. So instead of engaging movers, work on the house. This refers to sealing all possible openings around the house and is considered a very essential home improvement activity that will definitely help you avoid any contacts with a moving company. This way the weather outside does not affect the comfort inside. The list below points out the basic way you home can be weatherproofed.

1. Ensure that all pipes around the home are insulated and that they are sturdy and not weathered

2. Installation of storm doors and window to reduce the amount of heat lost in your home

3. Reversing the direction of your ceiling fan – this will help regulate the air current flow and direction, it’s an important thing that many people miss out on

4. Add shades or drapes to your window – more insulation to keep the outside air in check will always be welcome

5. Ensure that all outlets are insulated to check against energy loss or mold and mildew – you do not want any of those near your outlets

6. Get your water heater insulated with appropriate blanket in order to reduce heat loss through its sides

7. Make use of door draft stoppers – many shops sell some really nice ones which stop all air current relocation and the moving about of the cold

8. Check for drafty windows or doors as it helps to discover potential leaks around the windows and doors – this will
also help you place the draft stoppers

9. All trees around your home should be trimmed especially if they are hanging over your house – icicles can be a How to Weatherproof Your Homebad problem during winter and you don’t want any of those forming and falling about the house.

Weatherproofing your home is not at all a difficult activity, it simply involves engaging in basic property maintenance and a little of home renovation. Closing up hollowsaround the home and insulating against possible loss of heat. This can be done on your own except for some areas where you will have to involve weatherproofing experts. Do it right an you will save yourself a lot of trouble in the long run, both because you won’t have to deal with moving companies and other experts.