How to Jazz up Your Home on a Budget


Sometimes a change is exactly what’s needed in our lives when we feel stuck in a rut. Often, the types of changes that we choose to make focus on our routines and jobs – maybe you’ve decided to go swimming or running every morning to help you wake up feeling fresh? Or you’ve decided that your job or career is no longer challenging you and pushing you to be better, and you want to embark on something completely different?

Other times, a simpler change – such as a holiday somewhere far-flung and distant – is exactly the type of change needed to help you take a much-needed break from the doldrums of daily routines and feel more excited about life again. Occasionally, what you may find that you need is to remove yourself from a dead-end relationship that, whilst familiar and comfortable, is turning stale and holding you both back. In such situations, you might decide to drastically alter your hairstyle and wardrobe, in an effort to become ‘the new you’.

Such changes often require a huge overhaul to your life that you’ll need to take time to adjust to, whereas others can be extremely costly and time-consuming – neither of which are ideal if you’re on a budget and time-poor due to work and family commitments. So, if you’re feeling like your life is lacking its usual lustre, what can you do to make it feel new and shiny again?

Well, this is where some cracking home DIY projects come in handy! From the list of suggestions that we’ve gathered, you can not only accumulate a new hobby or two, but you can also make changes that are affordable and can be completed on your own time schedule. From simple changes to slightly more dramatic alterations, we’ve got something here for everyone! So go on, have a read and see which one takes your fancy.

Plants Galore


Collecting a vast array of indoor plants and scattering them around the home has become the new ‘in’ trend, particularly amongst millennials who would like a teensy bit of responsibility without all of the consequences. But did you know that having plants dotted in your home can greatly improve your mental health? Well, recent studies believe this to be the case. So, if you’re finding yourself feeling flat, why not go on the hunt for some plant babies you can nurture? There are plenty of interesting and colourful options available at bargain prices, both online (Etsy is a good place to start for independent providers) and in person at your local plant sale, car boot, or garden centre.

Who knows, you might find that having something to interact with (apparently, plants are more likely to flourish if you speak or sing to them regularly!) and care for daily is just the little spark you need to bring you back to yourself and jazz your home up.

Kooky Crafts

If you fancy yourself as a bit of an artist or a poet (or, you know, even if you don’t), you can transfer your skills and love of such hobbies into crafting items to decorate your home. All you’d need would be paints, pencils, paintbrushes, and thick paper, or whatever other crafty items you fancy to make your pieces and then use these creations to decorate your home – simultaneously brightening up your space whilst also putting your own personal stamp on your home.

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