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While it’s true that wooden windows look neater and more refined than your typical white, plastic uPVC units, there’s no getting round the fact that how to find cheap windowsyou have to pay a lot more for that distinct aesthetic appeal – and sometimes the right wood, grain, or frame is just beyond your budget. Fortunately, however, there are a number of different ways to still get that popular, natural look for the exterior of your property without breaking the bank – some of the tips listed below should help keep you on the right track:

  • Opt for the Cheapest Softwoods – this may sound like a bit of a compromise, but the type of wood you choose can ultimately affect the final cost of your wooden-window renovation. Popular oaks and mahoganies are in high demand, and therefore come in at almost half the price of the more rare and individual grains of teak and maple. The latter pair might look a little more appealing, but it’s a lot of extra money for a very small improvement.
  • Ask friends/relatives for Recommendations – some of the most professional and reliable contractors work by building up a good reputation; so if a friend or relative can (with complete confidence) recommend someone they’ve had installing wooden windows before, you might just get lucky. Plus some smaller businesses even offer ‘recommendation discounts’ – so you save even more money through the process!
  • Hire Locally – because of reduced transport costs and a reliance on word-of-mouth (as outlined above) rather than excessive spending on large advertising campaigns, local contractors are often able to charge for wooden windows at lower rates – so don’t always feel pressured into going with the bigger names for the best value.
  • Look for Second-Hand Wooden Frames/Casements – in the current economic climate more and more homeowners are finding ways of making quick cash – and that includes selling old, unwanted household items. You’ll be surprised to learn how many people store away old window frames until the right buyer comes along – so check out your local paper or on websites such as GumTree for a more comprehensive shopping experience.
  • Look Online – websites such as eBay frequently offer old Victorian or Georgian wooden window frames at discounted prices – plus you get the delivery all taken care of through your order. With online shopping just make sure you’re not paying for a product that doesn’t match its description. always print online receipts or order confirmations too, and don’t give away bank details to third parties – or you may end up paying a lot more than you bargained for.
Cost Summary for Cheap Wooden Windows
Price Range = £100 to £400 per window
Average Cost = £150 to £200
Cheapest Price = around £100

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