How to find quality cavity wall insulation companies

Find Local Cavity Wall Insulation Professionals

Domestic-Cavity-Wall-InsulationYou can’t see it happening right before your very eyes, but it is. It is estimated that as much as half of the heat from your home is escaping through improperly insulated walls. Can you afford to keep paying double the actual cost to heat your home year over year? The solution to this common household problem is available to you by seeking out cavity wall insulation installers to help you take control of your home heating bills.

How can wall insulation help?

cavity-wall-insulationExternal wall insulation companies specialize in helping you control the amount of energy you’re losing daily to poor insulation. The challenge with ineffective insulation in the exterior walls of your home is that it is not just a problem for you during the winter when heat escapes from your home. Most may not realize that this is also a problem in the summer as it allows heat into the home, which may be taxing your home’s air conditioning system. Cavity wall insulation installers can assess your needs and help develop a solution to reduce avoidable financial impacts of home heating and cooling costs.

One of the advantages of exploring this strategy for home insulation services is that the work does not require any interior access or renovation to the current living space of your home. The process used by all cavity wall insulation companies involves drilling holes into the exterior walls from the outside of your home and injecting insulation into the open cavities between your exterior and interior walls, eliminating the air space and decreasing the opportunities for heat to escape.

So why does this work?

The process allows for selecting three different materials with either mineral wool, foam, or expanded polystyrene beads commonly used. Increasing energy efficiency is generally regarded as the most effective solution for residential and commercial buildings. Generally calculated, the result of a successful insulation upgrade of this type is expected to pay for itself within five years.

When you’re ready to invest in upgrading your home’s energy efficiency and reducing your heating spend, you have the option of hiring several solid wall insulation installers. So how do you find the best one?

How to find the best wall insulation company:

  1.  Be sure to do your homework before you contact any service providers. 
    Educate yourself about the service you require to know what questions to ask in the conversation with any company that you consult. A great starting point for cavity wall insulation installers, in particular, is first to find out if the company is registered to provide the Cavity Insulation Guarantee, which is in place to recognize a 25-year guarantee on the work performed.
  2.  Shop Around 
    Once you’ve done a little advance investigation into the process and the companies that offer the service that you require, you should still shop and compare what’s available related to warranties that they offer, the costs and payment schedule that they require as well as the time frame it will take to complete the work to your satisfaction. If your interactions with any cavity wall insulation installers sound too good to be true, take the time to validate their claims for your own peace of mind. Your home is one of your largest investments, after all.
  3.  Be aware of scammers  Being an informed consumer is your best strategy to ensure your satisfaction when the work is completed. When checking out external wall insulation installers, reputable firms should be comfortable requesting references from previous clients and conducting your own investigation online through the better business bureau or other forums that offer independent client feedback. If the cavity wall insulation installers seem uncomfortable with you verifying their advertised claims, then it’s probably best for you to omit them from consideration.

For many, the perceived costs of undertaking a project like this may be the most significant cause for inaction. There are several grant programs now available to homeowners to encourage them to explore residential energy efficiency. When you consult with cavity wall insulation installers, ask them if you are eligible for incentives to help you achieve your goal. These professionals have the experience and connections to help connect you with the right resources, which may help to defray some of the upfront costs associated with a cavity wall insulation project.

Find Local Cavity Wall Insulation Professionals

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