How To Find A Good Kitchen Fitter To Install A New Kitchen

Getting a professional kitchen fitter to deliver and set up your new kitchen is something vital for your home. Among all rooms in the house the kitchen is probably the ones that deserves extra attention, as it needs to have the wow factor and remarkable usability.

quality kitchen fitterRemodelling and fitting a new kitchen is something that needs to be well researched and look into as it is an expensive and important purchase. Being able to find a talented and trusted kitchen fitter is as vital as choosing the kitchen itself.

If the company/professional fitter you hire fails to do a good job it can leave you with an unfinished, substandard and potentially unsafe kitchen that will cost more to get fixed. To avoid all this you need to find a quality kitchen fitter.

General Advice On Choosing Kitchen Fitters

Find a contractor who only specializes in kitchen fitting

It might sound strange but as tradesmen tend to be all rounder’s when it comes to kitchen installations. However, if you can find one that only specialises in kitchen fitting, they have a mentality that is focused on kitchens alone and can easily identify and work out the intricacies of the job.

On the other hand, if you choose a kitchen fitter who does a bit of everything then they could have been repairing roofs one day and fitting your kitchen the next day. This kind of tradesmen tend to see it as a job and probably won’t share the passion and knowledge of a truly specialised kitchen fitter.

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Look for professional and friendly services

The biggest element here is having trust in the kitchen fitter. Try to hire a contractor that is regularly being used by the company that designed your kitchen. This shows a relationship of trust between them and translates into professionalism. The kitchen installer will be with you throughout the project so should show you and your house respect.

Always prefer recommended kitchen fitters

A good kitchen fitter should come from good recommendations. Advice from friends or word of mouth is a good place to start plus you can see some of the examples of their work this way. As mentioned you can ask for advice and suggestions from the kitchen design company,  as they will know people who have dealt with their designs before and know how to make them a reality.

Avoid selecting only based on price

Don’t choose the first kitchen fitter that comes along because they offer the best price. Although you may think you are saving money by accepting this offer, it could end up having to pay more to hire a new professional fitter to do the kitchen fitting properly if the work is not done to the highest standards.

Look for a kitchen installer that is qualified and uses accredited contractors alongside them

When fitting a new kitchen there will be a need for people to deal with gas, electrics and water. A good fitter will understand this and make sure the contractors they bring in are certified to make sure the work they do is safe and meets the correct standards needed.

Looking for kitchen fitters? We can help!    Find local tradesmen

Find a professional kitchen fitter that understands your needs

Finding the right kitchen fitter/installer is as crucial as the planning and usability development stage. There is no point at all wasting time getting the plans and functionality perfect, if the outcome is a poorly finished job. You should hire a professional who is skilled at fitting a superior quality smart-looking brand new kitchen for you.

professional-kitchen-fiiterYou need to look for a kitchen fitter that understands what you want and has your best interests at heart. Don’t feel obliged to sign up straight away with any local fitter. Most good quality ones will provide a free quote and meet with you to go through what you would like.

If you find you are on the same wavelength as them and would be happy to tell them you want changes then that is a good starting sign. A good fitter will also look at your plans and be honest with what they think, any tricky areas or suggests that would work with what you want.

If all they want to do is discuss money and don’t show an interest in your designs or place it is a good indication to steer clear. A good fitter sees his work as a visual CV so will be striving to do the best job he can.

Finding a good kitchen fitter is not so difficult as it looks. By following these guidelines you should end up with the kitchen of your dreams.

Finding A Kitchen Fitter Online

Finding a professional kitchen fitter is of crucial importance. There is no point at all wasting time getting the plans and functionality perfect if the outcome is a poorly finished job. You should hire a kitchen fitter that is both capable at installing  a superior-quality smart looking brand kitchen and also providing a great plan.

Luckily, you can find a tradesman online easily, without spending too much time.

  1. Type in Google kitchen fitter in (replace with your location) or kitchen fitter near me
  2. Go to Google maps and type in kitchen fitter in your location or kitchen fitter near me
  3. Visit big tradesmen networks such ratedpeople, quotatis and houzz.
  4. Request 3 Free no-obligation quotes from our network of tradesmen.
  5. Ask friends and colleagues.
  6. Ask your neighbors for any recommendations.

Hiring A Quality Kitchen Installer

After locating all the possible candidates, you need to select the best one for the job. Here is how should go about doing it.

References: If you are having doubt engaging someone, verify if they have any references. Any kitchen installer should have a collection of past happy customers they can recommend.

Trades associations: There are no organizations that regulate kitchen installers but if the kitchen fitting companies you use are members of other trade organizations, this is a good indicator that they take seriously what they do.

Portfolio: Most companies or professional have a portfolio of previously completed projects. Do not hesitate to ask for it. If you want to you can also get in touch with several homeowners to visit their place to examine the work in detail.

Quotes: Create detailed project specs and request free quotes, as this way you will be able to compare the cost quality relation.

Questions to ask yourself before hiring a kitchen fitter

What is the new kitchens mission?

An skilled kitchen fitter can easily manage the planning for you. When choosing to swap your existing kitchen for something newer you don’t just want simply to replace the old one with a new one.

It is rather beneficial to halt and consider how your existing kitchen could be enhanced. This is where a good kitchen planner will able to recognize all your design anomalies and propose new design solutions.

What’s on my wish list?

After defining the mission of the kitchen, you need to prioritise the items on your wish list. Not everything can be included but certainly many items can be negotiated such as new furniture, appliances etc.

Where should I compromise?

It is good to have high expectations but always ensure that your items are practical and fit you budget. You do not want to waste valuable space neither to spend too much on luxury-brand appliances, so try always to keep a balance.

How do I get the most efficient layout?

The layout of the kitchen is very important decision so you need to seek professional advice.  The more you know about gas, electrical outlets, plumbed items and drainage, the easier it is going to be to create a useful layout.

Among the many things that you need to consider, the most important are:

    • The space between cooktops and windows.
    • The space between electrical outlets and sinks.
    • The location of the appliances and whether they can sit close to others.
    • Whether the doors can open sefly.
    • The minimum distance between a run of cabinets and an island.

Most kitchen supplies will be happy to draw a plan for you and several will even visit your home. Make sure to get as many designs as possible until the find the ideal kitchen design for your needs.

Do I need building permits?

If the kitchen remodeling requires any building work to be done as part of the job, then make sure to obtain any necessary building permits. The right person to advice you on how to go out applying for the right permit is an architect.

What’s my style?

This is the last and most fun part. If you have not spend enough time looking for inspiration, now is the time to do it. There are many websites online that offer inspirational galleries. All you need to is browse around and find the ones your like and then work out your look.


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