How to Connect Your Washing Machine to the Mains


Whether you have upgraded your appliances or have decided to start moving your appliances to a new home, these helpful tips will guide you in connecting your washing machine to the mains. Read carefully and then think about which moving company can do the best transportation job over to your home. Once you get the washing machine out of the removal van, you will need to have the required knowledge to connect it and start operating it. Follow these simple tips and you will have no problems at all.

  1. Shut off the power

Make sure that you shut off the power to the washing machine, as well as turn the main valve off. This prevents water from leaking as you install your washing machine. It also prevents the machine from turning on by accident while working on it.

  1. Measure the fill hoses

It is important to ensure that the fill hose has the correct length to reach the plumbing. Measure the distance from the tip to the plumbing to ensure you have the size you need. If it is short, you can either extend the hose or exchange it for one that is a longer size.

  1. Prepare the hose

Spread grease on the threads of the connectors to ensure the hose will slip easily into the plumbing. You will also have to do this with the gaskets.

  1. Identify the valves for water supply

Most washing machines require both hot and cold water. Ensure that you have identified the hot and cold water supply lines. This should be done before you unload the machine from the moving van as moving it later becomes sort of problematic.

  1. Connect the hoses

Carefully connect the hoses to the water supply. Ensure that the hot water is connected to the hot water valve, often marked red or with an H, and usually found on the left side. The cold water should be connected to the cold water valve. Simply twist the thread connections together and then tighten the valve. Connect the other end with the intake valve.

A simple job that any self-sufficient willing DIY person can get done. Follow the instructions carefully and if you are unsure, you can always check a quick YouTube video to ensure that you are properly carrying out each step.

If you want a quick advice, do use proper movers to get the washing machine to your house. No matter how handy you are, it is always better to leave the transportation of heavy items such as a washing machine to the professionals. So find a good removal company and get them working for you so that you know you are doing a proper job.

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