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How To Choose The Best Water Heater For Your Property

water-heatingThe water heaters have several variations according to the heating source, and each water heating source has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the popular water heater systems are as follows:

Gas: The gas based systems use cylinders of propane or natural gas to heat the water inside the tank.

Electric: The electric elements are used to heat the water inside the tank just like the gas based water heater.

Solar: The solar panels are used to heat water inside the pipes. Obviously, the panels are placed on the ground.

Tankless: The tankless water heating system uses the electric elements or gas to heat the water as it flows through the pipes without connecting any tank to the system.

The Right Water Heater for your home

what is the best water heating systemYour choice to use a particular water heating system for your home depends upon many factors. The size of the tank is the most important consideration as the small appliances are not supposed to provide sufficient hot water for big families.  However, in case of tankless water heaters, the size doesn’t play any role as the appliances are fairly small with the capacity to provide endless hot water.

The electric models provide a better choice if your location is short in gas supply. If the electricity also creates a problem, and you happen to be located on country sides, the solar water heaters provide the best option for your home. You should also pay adequate attention to the energy efficiency rating and the warranty while deciding the particular water heating system for your home.

Water Heater Maintenance

Regardless of your choice regarding the water heating system for your home, you have to maintain your system regularly. You have to flush out the tank and clean the system from time to time. The entire system has to be flushed out in the tankless water heaters for regular cleaning and maintenance. Mostly, the lime builds up inside the pipes and heating elements causing increased corrosion and energy inefficiency. It becomes very important to remove the built-up  lime from the heating elements and drain valves at least once a year. It’s also necessary to call the electrician every few years for inspecting and replacing the rusted or corroded sections of the heating elements and wiring.

Safety Considerations

The water heaters should be installed at locations that eliminate any chances of children getting burned by accidentally touching them. The excising electrical wiring should be upgraded if they cannot support the electric units, and the electric water heaters should only be installed on circuits that can accommodate them. The gas water heaters include the pilot light and therefore, should not be installed near the open flames. The tank’s connection with the pipes should contain shut-off valves for turning off the hot water supply if you need in case of any emergency.

Water Heater Installation

water-heater-installationMostly, people feel that water heater installation is quite easy task, but in reality, it’s rather difficult to correctly install the equipment. The water heater installation requires proper handling of electrical wiring as well and therefore, the professional contractors should be hired for installing them. The water heater appliances are also very heavy and need two or more people for lifting and positioning them. There is always a chance of sustaining the back injuries if you try to maneuver them to the correct position by yourself. The improper water heater installation may not heat water properly and if there is any leakage it can damage to your floor joists.

Water Heater Costs

There are many factors that influence the cost of water heaters, but the size of the appliance is the most influential among them all. Generally, the cost of the water heater increases according to the capacity of the unit. The tankless water heaters are more convenient and energy efficient, but they are expensive as compared to conventional water heaters. The installation estimates of these water heaters are also influenced by the requirements of wiring and gas lines. In case of the solar water heaters, the initial cost can be much higher as some excavations may be required, but they return more than their initial cost during its life span in terms of completely free supply of hot water.

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