solar thermal panels

Solar thermal panels may cost quite a good amount to initially install, but they carry with them these benefits:

  • Year-round hot water (though you might need a boiler/immersion heater through winter months)
  • Savings on your fuel bills – the power is free, once you have paid for the initial setup of the solar thermal panel structure
  • Reductions on your household carbon footprint – as using solar energy for hot water is just a renewable heating system


The average cost for a Solar PV system is between £5,000 and £7,400 (including VAT at 5%). However, the cost can vary depending on the manufacturer. Year by year the installation cost decreases but we recommend to get at least three quotes from local installers before you make a decision. In general the most important factors that affect the installation cost are the following:

  • The amount of electricity generated by the system.
  • How large is the system.
  • Number of panels.
  • Suitability of existing hot water system.
  • If you panel are built into your roof or sit on the top of it.


According to Energy Saving Trust by utilising  solar panels you could not only save money but also generate income of around £770 per year, if your system is eligible for the Feed-In Tariff scheme. You are getting paid not only for the energy you use and produce but also for the one you do not use as this could be exported to the grid.

How To Apply For FIT

If you are want to apply you will need to show evidence of your Energy Performance Certificate. You can also get tailored estimated for your system if you know your system size. To estimate our income and saving you could receive from the domestic Feed-In Tariff scheme which is available in England, Scotland and Wales, you could use the Free Solar Energy Calculator provided by Energy Saving Trust.

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