House Extension

The sky is the limit in regards to building an extension on to a house or building as well as the extensions professionals in our network can manage virtually any endeavour. They could use any architectural blueprints.  They’re craftsmen who will take a home-owners dream of additional living area and transform it into a world.From an easy porch enclosure to the building of a wing, the job can be handled by the house extensions professionals in our network.


Home Extensions Cost

One of the first things to consider as you plan to add an extension to your house is the cost involved. The cost of a house extension depends on the size of the extension that you intend to make. For instance, the cost of adding a room is lesser than adding another level to a house. In addition, special features such as fireplaces or skylight will certainly increase the property extension cost.

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Find the Best House Extension Builders

When it comes to home extensions, it always makes sense to hire professional house extension builders, registered with one of the approved builders’ organisations. In the UK, there are strict building regulations which may apply and certain planning permission rules which will need to be adhered to. These regulations are intended to protect you and your neighbours from potentially unsafe or unsightly home extensions.

Experienced local house extension builders will be able to take care of all the various aspects of building an extension and will ensure that all home extensions comply with the relevant health and safety and building rules and regulations.

Benefits of Home Extensions

In addition to compliance with regulations, using certified house extension builders gives additional benefits:

  •  Rest assured that your home extensions ideas can be accurately brought into existence by experienced house extension builders, giving you a house extension that is fit for purpose.
  •  Engaging recommended house extension builders through HomeAdviceGuide will enable you make sure that you only use professionals who genuinely know how to build an extension safely and effectively
  •  You may be able to keep the extension costs to a minimum by using experienced extension builders who know how best to realize your home extension plans.

Through HomeAdviceGuide’s extensive network of trusted tradesmen, you can easily locate house extension builders who you can rely on.

How to Build an Extension

There are a number of important factors when it comes to commissioning the services of local house extension builders.  Firstly, you should get help with finalizing your home extensions designs and ensure that they are drawn up into feasible house extension plans.

The primary consideration is that your plans are sufficiently well thought-out to receive the necessary planning permission if they need it, or to avoid having to apply for it at all.

Some of the rules around planning permission have recently changed, increasing the size limits for single-storey rear extensions which apply between 30 May 2013 and 30 May 2016, and the associated neighbor consultation scheme.

A home extension is considered to be permitted development, with NO need for planning permission, subject to the following limits and conditions:

  • No more than 50% of the area of land around the “original house”* would be covered by additions or other buildings.
  • No extension forward of the principal elevation or side elevation which fronts a highway.
  • No extension to be higher than the highest part of the roof.
  • Maximum height of a single-storey rear extension of four metres.

There are further detailed conditions which must currently be satisfied in order to allow certain house extensions to be excluded from the planning permission requirement. You can read them in full on the government’s Planning Portal.

When choosing the right building company to build an extension for you, it is vital that you get some recommendations.  We advise that you use our services – take a look at those builders who get great reviews on HomeAdviceGuide and select the best one for your needs.

Home Extension Services

The best, most experienced and bona fide house extension builders in the UK will be able to carry out a range of possible home extensions in your property safely.

These may include:

  • A single story extension
  • Garden room extensions
  • Flat pack extensions
  • Prefabricated home extensions
  • Modular home extensions

Please refer to your chosen home extension builder for a detailed list of their specific services.

Home Extension Quotes

If you are looking into the potential extension cost as part of planning an extension to your home, the make sure you receive accurate, up-to-date information.  Get up to 4 quotes from house extension builders in your local area to compare estimates and prices.  Contact them through ServiceMagic and they will be able to give you further advice and information about all their services relating to home extensions.