HomeAdviceGuide 2021-2022 Scholarship

HomeAdviceGuide.com (NE-AIPG) is pleased to announce the 2021-2022 scholarship program to support and encourage the continuation of research in all academic fields. 

These awards will be made available for the 2021 – 2022 academic year through HomeAdviceGuide initiative.

Aims – The principal aim of this scholarship program is to offer financial support to current junior and undergraduate students and to encourage serious and deserving students to continue their studies, given the complication of Covid-19.

Scholarship Award Amount – The total distribution for the 2021 – 2022 academic year will be determined based on the Scholarship Committee evaluation of the applications submitted. Over the past seven years, more than $12,500 has been awarded to a total of 5 applicants. Individual awards ranged from $1,000 to $2,500.

Use of Scholarships – Scholarship awards may be applied toward tuition, fees, field camp, or other costs directly related to undergraduate study.

Fields of Interest – Junior and senior graduate and undergraduate students attending an accredited college or university in the USA are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Basis of Award – The Scholarship Committee, will make the final selection of students to receive a scholarship based on their review of the application form. 

Who can apply – Any number of students may apply from each college or University, however, the committee may limit awards to no more than two students. The scholarships will be awarded primarily on the basis of financial need and academic qualifications; career goals, projects/accomplishments/educational plans.

Proof of Financial Need – Financial need may be documented through the methods described below. 

How To Apply – The Scholarship Committee requests a brief summary of the academic qualifications of each student submitting an application from their department chair or a faculty supervisor. 

The summary should include information on the student’s academic qualifications and accomplishments,career goals, financial needs, and reasons for selecting the candidate. We ask that the summary be no longer than two (2) printed pages and include at

at least one paragraph on each of the above listed criteria. 

The committee may request additional information to complete its evaluation.

In addition to a completed Application Form, the Scholarship Committee also requests a letter from the applicant specifically discussing three evaluation criteria: financial need, academic qualifications, and career goals (one paragraph for each criterion). 

Additional information on recent research projects, on-campus or off-campus activities and accomplishments, and educational plans that would aid the Committee in reaching its decision can also be included. The applicant’s letter should be a maximum of two (2) printed pages. 

Documentation of financial need: Documentation of financial need is especially important. At a minimum, applicants must complete the Financial Needs Assessment section that is part of the Application Form and send my email a link to the location where they uploaded the document. 

Applicants may supplement their financial need documentation by submitting a Student Aid Report. This report can be obtained by completing the on-line application for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the 2021 – 2022 academic school year in the U. S. Department of Education website (http://www.fafsa.ed.gov). If the applicant has already completed the FAFSA application for other sources of financial aid, the Student Aid  

report is a direct output of the FAFSA application process. Please Do Not Submit Federal And State Income Tax Returns.

Where to Submit Your Information

Electronic copies of the application form, both letters and all financial need documentation must be submitted to:

HomeAdviceGuide, carl.meredith@homeadviceguide.com. The application package must be e-mailed on or before May 28, 2021. Prior to the submission of application packages, student applicants and faculty sponsors may submit questions via email to myscholarship@homeadviceguide.com