Home Remodelling Ideas & Cost

Is your home looking tired, or are you fed up with looking at the same walls and same décor day after day? Do you want the thrill of living in a beautiful new home, without the cost and stress? Moving home is one of the most stressful things you can do, and can cause major disruption, especially if you have children who are of school age. Home remodelling and house renovation can transform your living space, and give you the dream home you’ve always wanted

How home remodelling can increase the value of your property

Your home isn’t just a place for you to live, four walls where you spend time when you’re not at work. It’s an investment for your future. Many people are choosing to invest in property rather than in saving or share schemes. Would you like an effective way to increase the value of your property? Of course you would. Home improvements are one of the best way to make your property more attractive to potential buyers, and to make it more valuable.
People love homes that are modern, fresh, and up to date. Home remodelling can give you all this and more. If conversions and extensions are included as part of your home improvements program, then you’re also creating new space and new rooms in your home. This can significantly increase its value.

Popular home remodelling projects

 Home improvements come in many forms, and can be applied to every part of the house, from landscaping and external decoration, to bathroom refurbishment and kitchen remodelling. Bathrooms and kitchens are two of the most important rooms in your home, they’re places to dream and relax, so it’s no surprise that many house renovation programs concentrate on these areas

Adding new bathroom fixtures can be an inexpensive way to transform the appearance, or you may decide to transform your bathroom into a wetroom, making bathing easier for the elderly or those with mobility problems. You may decide to have a new kitchen installed, complete with all the latest gadgets, or to have the tiles replaced. decorating, and can all transform the way your home looks, and make it feel like new.

If you have a growing family, then conversions and home extensions are the ideal solutions. You have to know that an unused space or left empty it is a wasted space. A building contractor can turn your unused loft or cellar into a new room. It could be an extra bathroom, a guest bedroom, a study, or a home gymnasium. Extensions come in all shapes and sizes, from porches to conservatories, but they can add a touch of elegance as well as providing extra living space.

Landscaping is an increasingly popular home remodelling project, from adding a patio or decking, to creating a new driveway, or refreshing the roof tiling.

Things to do before starting a home remodelling project

Prior planning is essential for your home improvement project to go well. You don’t want to suffer delays or extra costs, so make sure that you’ve budgeted each part of the project carefully, and that you also have a realistic timeline for the completion of the work.

It’s important to discuss your plans in depth with your home improvement contractors before the project starts. An experienced contractor will be able to give you a good idea of how long the project should take and how much it should cost. Have the starting materials ready, and make sure that all necessary planning permission has been obtained.

Finding high quality home remodelling contractors is the most important thing of all. Ask to see examples of their work and testimonials, and look for builders who are members of trade bodies such as the CITB or Constructionline.

Home remodelling costs

Home improvement costs can vary greatly, depending upon the work that is undertaken, and which part of the country you live in. In general, house renovation costs will be greater in London and the south east than elsewhere.

A recent study looked at the cost of a complete home remodelling project. By far the greatest cost came from creating the brickwork and masonry, and then roofing and weatherproofing. The cost of internal work made up the remaining third. As examples, roof tiling made up 10. The study also found that almost a quarter of all material costs for a complete house renovation project came from bricks and roof tiles.

It’s important to get a selection of home remodelling quotes before the work commences, rather than choosing the first one. Look for added value, for example from teams of contractors that have multi-trade skills. Your home improvement contractors may also be able to source supplies, fixtures and fittings at trade prices, so this should also be considered when you’re calculating your home renovation costs.

If you’re undertaking an extensive home remodelling program, it will involve a significant outlay. It will also, however, result in a home that’s modern, fresh and pleasant to live in, as well as increasing the value of your property. Most people find this a price that’s well worth paying.


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