Hiring a project manager in Glasgow

If you live in Glasgow and are planning some home improvement work or a brand new property development, make sure it goes to plan – hire a project manager.

We all know home improvements can be stressful. After you’ve finished work, sorted out the kids and finally got a start on some housework the last thing you need is to go and check the builders are doing their job properly. By hiring a project manager, however, you can transfer all those worries and doubts to someone with more time on their hands and who is better prepared for the job. A project manager is responsible for the three key aspects of your home improvements: cost, time and quality. It is up to them to make sure the project is undertaken and completed safely, on time, in budget, and to a standard that suits you.images (9)

In recent years Glasgow has become the commercial capital of Scotland, the hub of business and economy and one of Europe’s top twenty financial centres; which means whether you’re thinking of hiring a project manager from a major company or by word of mouth, you are sure to be confronted with plenty of candidates who are more than up to the task. Whether you are thinking of adding an extension or refitting an old kitchen or bathroom, here are a few helpful pointers for picking the best project manager in Glasgow for your home improvement needs:

  • A project manager should possess an air of authority and confidence. As overall planner they are required to direct and manage the construction workers by delegating tasks and meeting objectives within the proposed time limits. A project manager should also be prepared to take responsibility if for any reason the standards of your new home development are not up to scratch.
  • Consider the experience and work history of a prospective project manager in Glasgow. Are they competent enough to handle the job? Have they worked on any similar projects in the past and if so how successful were they? Have a look at old portfolios as well as qualifications – many project managers will come from construction or architecture backgrounds. Also, to avoid a bad job be sure to check references; as well as confirming honesty and reliability you’ll cut the risk of employing anybody who might have a great face for interviews but a general disinterest in the job itself.
  • Communication skills are also vital for anybody keen to succeed in project management. A project manager must be able to work well as part of a team, correctly judge which people are most suited to particular tasks and be clear and articulate about which direction the project should take. They should also regularly consult with you about the general progress of the development and be able to respond well to constructive criticism and keep a cool head under pressure – only then will the overall vision and goal of your home improvement project remain intact.images (10)
  • The right applicant will also be enthusiastic about your project and keen to get started. Developing a good rapport is always helpful – that way the project manager will be able to steer the development true to your vision but will be unafraid to offer practical and helpful pointers when things might not work out the way you hoped. You never know, they might point you to the perfect design ideas you hadn’t even thought of.

To make sure you find the right project manager for the job it’s best to interview every candidate properly, keeping all these considerations in mind – diving in feet first may result in your development being poorly finished, which could lead to delays and extra cost. Talk about your ideas and examine their responses; are they eager, helpful and understanding of your home improvement plans? If you own a larger home and are looking to give your project a local flavour, judge the candidate’s interest in Glasgow architecture and design and whether it would be possible to use localised materials. Would someone who lives in or around the area be better suited to the position

Once you have chosen your project manager it’s time to draw up a contract, this will avoid any confrontations later on. Outline your budget, deadline requirements and payment details in full. As long as they are up to scratch, hiring a project manager in Glasgow is a sure way to save you the pressure and hassle of having the builders round yet again.

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