Have you bought a new door for your house or is it an old one that you want to replace? Yes, you can hire pros for the job, but if you are looking around to cut costs, you can try this by yourself. Hanging a door is not a difficult task, only if you are good with DIY techniques and are aware of what needs to be done. Follow our guide and you will be able to hang a door in a short time.

how to hang a door

By the way, if you are dealing with glass or heavy oak doors, you should leave the job to the pros.

Time Required

30 minutes

Materials required

Hinges, chisel, mallet, screws, measuring tape, pencil

1. Check the fit of your new door

Place the new door in the frame and see if the fit is good. In an ideal case, there should be a gap of around 2 mm on all four sides. Got a carpet flooring in the room? In this case, the gap at the bottom should be around 5 mm to 10 mm. If the gap is greater than the values mentioned here, place the door so that it fits well.

2. Fit the hinges onto the frame

Okay, the size of your door is correct. Now is the time to fit hinges onto the frame. Check if the new hinges are fitting well in the recess. Should this not be the case, mark their size on the recess, and accordingly cut out waste wood. You will need a mallet and chisel for this.

3. Check the movement of the hinges

Attach the hinge on the door frame with a screw such that the pivots protrude from the edge of the frame. Once again, fit the door in the frame and mark the position of each hinge of the door.

4. Fit the hinges onto the door

Use a chisel and mark cuts on the wooden door, with a distance of 5 mm in between. These cuts should be on the position where you marked the hinges. The depths of the cuts should be equal to the thickness of the hinge flap. Now chisel along the position of the hinge and remove waste wood. Check that the hinge is fitting the flush and attach it with a screw.

5. Hang the door

Hold the door such that makes a right angle with the frame. Now screw the flap of every hinge on the door frame, using one screw. Make sure the fitting of the door is correct and it is opening and closing properly. You can then fit all the screws.

The job is now complete!

The following video probably makes things a lot easier!

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