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Guide to Grants for Home Improvements



Everyone deserves to live in a home which is maintained to modern standards and which allows a quality of life regardless of age, disability or income. It is with this principle in mind that both federal and local governments in the U.K. have introduced programs to offer grants for home improvements to ensure suitable living conditions for all of our citizens.

Initiatives such as disability grants for home improvement offer important and needed support for persons with specialized needs to be able to remain in their own homes and be able to be self-sufficient in their living space. The program assesses needs such as renovation to install wheelchair ramps and to widen doorways for improved wheelchair accessibility.

The scope of these home renovation grants also includes interior upgrades to homes which may involve the construction of main floor washrooms for residents who are challenged to navigate stairs or the installation of stairlifts in homes to facilitate access to living spaces on multiple floors. As functional needs for persons in wheelchairs can create difficulties in accessing heating and lighting controls due to their height, there are provisions in the program to allow for this as well.

Localized jurisdictions which offer council grants

There are a number of localized jurisdictions which offer council grants for home improvements as well which address accessibility needs and in some counties. They have more clearly articulated the second class of grants, which look at mobility aid improvements within the home that may not require significant renovation but would focus on the installation of grab rails, level access showers and other components to allow disabled persons to stay in their homes.

Home improvement grants for pensioners

Home improvement grants for pensioners are another area of concern under a variety of available programs. If the oldest person residing in a domestic dwelling is more than 70 years of age, then the home is identified in the priority group for the home improvement grants in the UK related to improving insulation and energy efficiency in homes.

Northern Ireland Home Improvement Grants

In Northern Ireland, home improvement grants include upgrading living facilities for the disabled but they have also made a commitment to the quality of life enjoyed by residents who may find themselves residing in properties which have eroded to a state of disrepair. There, they offer mandatory repair home grants for repairs to homes which have been issued a statutory notice by local councils to be repaired to address local bylaws and community standards. Home improvement grants in Scotland also offer improvement and repair funding intended to bring private homes to a modern standard and address a state of disrepair on these properties.

Wales Home Improvement Grants

In Wales, grants for home improvements carry a broad scope recognizing local government’s responsibility to contribute positively to the health of its constituents. The Welsh government provides assistance to incapable persons and those surviving on a low income to maintain a suitable standard of living. Those focus of these government home improvement grants rests on the notion that an unhealthy house contributes to an unhealthy lifestyle. By investing pro-actively in a home improvement grant, they may have an opportunity to successfully create a positive impact in the lives of people not only in their home life but also with their overall health and this creates a positive ripple effect in communities.

With the broad range of available grants for home improvements, if you believe that you fall under one of these categories, you are urged to contact your local government agencies to make further inquiries and determine your eligibility.

It may also be suggested to contact a reputable tradesperson in your area who may carry out the type of work that you require on your property and ask them about their knowledge of these valuable programs and get their advice about how best to proceed to secure the grant support you need to complete the work needed to repair or renovate your home.

Home improvement grant programs

Home improvement grant programs demonstrate a community-level commitment in the vibrancy of our communities, but their success still requires the active participation of residents to seek out the programs that are applicable to their situation and play a role in their own success. There is a number of online resources available for you to learn more about what’s available, how to determine your eligibility and how to apply.

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