Patio Door Repair & Replacement Guide: All You Need To Know!

Patio doors come in a range of different styles and finishes – find out which type is best for your property and how much it costs here.

patio door repairs

When it comes to  patio door repairs you might try to fix them yourself, but if you lack the necessary experience it’s always worth hiring a professional patio doors repair contractor to get the job done properly!


Where can I install a patio door?

You will usually need a large section of wall removed in order to fit the patio door in; you will definitely need a professional to carry out this work for you. Whilst patio doors are traditionally used outside, you could install one in the interior of your home. An example of this would be a patio door leading to a conservatory or a sunroom. This may be a stylistic choice or it may be that the patio door originally led outside but then the house underwent an extension and the previous homeowners chose to keep the patio doors inside.

Patio doors are also a popular choice for some office buildings, as they increase natural light in the building. In this case, the patio door would probably feature many stationary panels and one hinged door, this allows for maximum natural light in an area which would perhaps otherwise be relatively dark. Unfortunately this set-up does not allow for much privacy but you could install some blinds to tackle this problem.

What types of patio doors are there?

There are two main types of patio doors: hinged and sliding patio doors. Hinged patio doors are those which are attached to the wall, whilst a sliding patio door is installed on a track and is opened sideways. There are also a few other specific types of patio doors which are outlined below:

1. French patio doors

These patio doors are usually made with wood and feature big rectangular shaped glass frames, which are arranged in sections that run the entire length of the door. French doors can be installed as single or double doors, whichever suits your needs. If you were to opt for a double door, it would be installed so that each door swings outwards.

2. Sliding glass patio doors

Sliding glass patio doors are often made out of glass and feature large windows which are fitted in either a plastic, fibreglass or vinyl frame. Sliding doors are one of the most popular choices because they don’t take up that much room so are perfect for small houses or flats. However, they do offer less in the way of security when compared to other types of patio doors; you could install extra security features to combat this problem though.

3. Coastal storm patio doors

If you live in an area which often suffers from extreme weather, such as storms, then this would be a good choice of patio door for you. Coastal storm patio doors are fashioned out of much more robust material and therefore offer better protection against harsh weather conditions and strong winds.

4. Screen patio doors

Instead of having a glass window, these patio doors feature a screen. This is a good option if you want to improve your home’s ventilation, particularly if you live in an area prone to insects which can put you off opening your windows. Bearing in mind, however, that screen patio doors are much less stable, you may want to avoid this option if you live in an area which is subject to harsh weather conditions. They are also not weatherproof, so would therefore be best placed inside your home, leading to a sunroom.

Common Patio Door Problems

Although they look great and really open up your property in more ways than one, these sliding glass doors are still prone to breaking every now and then. There are various things you might find that could be preventing your patio doors from sliding neatly and effectively, including the following:

  • Snapped or dislodged rollers (along either the top or bottom of the door).
  • Excessive amounts of dust or dirt clogging up the patio door grooves and/or rollers.
  • Warped or misshapen glass (although this usually only occurs during extreme heatwaves or hot weather).
  • Cracked or broken window frames.
  • A broken lock or closing mechanism, or loose handle.

Many of these faults occur because people tug too harshly on the handle when they open or close the doors, making every facet of the installation vulnerable to cracks or tears that ultimately affect their operating power. Fortunately, however, most of these problems can be solved simply by calling a patio door lock repair man!

Benefits of Hiring Patio Door Repair Professional

patio door repair

Some home-owners like to repair these doors themselves, but the mechanisms are small and tricky to operate and shouldn’t be handled if you lack the confidence or DIY experience to do the job properly. Plus a professional sliding door repairs contractor will be able to:

  • Provide all the necessary tools and equipment needed to safely tackle the problem of stiff, stubborn patio doors.
  • Use professional vacuum equipment to clean dust and dirt from the tracks on your patio doors to ensure smooth running along both the bottom and upper groove.
  • Re-adjust the height and/or width of any doors that have warped or been damaged along the groove or closing edges.
  • Repair or fix cracked plastic or wooden frames that are blocking the sliding mechanisms.
  • Replace any worn or damaged rollers that are preventing the doors from sliding properly.
  • Add any extra locks or latches that will prevent people from pulling on the closed doors when you would prefer they are kept out of use.
  • Finish the job to a high-quality service within a matter of hours, or…
  • …order replacement doors and have them fully fitted (either by themselves or through a trusted third-party contractor) within the week – or less if need be!

Of course, patio door repairs aren’t always as complicated as they might first appear, and if all fixing your sliding mechanism involves is a tightening of a screw here and there then there is no reason why you can’t get the work done yourself. As long as the job can be patched up with the tools at your disposal, and you’re sure about your basic DIY ability, then giving it a go could save you a lot of extra time hiring a contractor.

That said, hiring a sliding patio door repair service for a persistent problem is always advisable. A qualified contractor will, after all, have the relevant experience in all kinds of patio door repair problems, from broken frames to dislodged rollers and cracked grooves, and will therefore be able to identify and fix what’s causing your patio doors to jam within a matter of hours.

Patio Doors Repair Cost

To get the best deal for your money make sure you shop around and check those vital references – you don’t want a dodgy cowboy builder round doing a half-baked job that will only end up costing more in the long run. Even when hiring a trusted repairman, it is still always advisable to never part with your money until the work is completed to your utmost satisfaction.

Depending on the days of work also the sliding door replacement options the cost can vary significantly. A Patio door installer will charge around £150 per day and a labourer £100 per day.

Replacing a broken 7’ square aluminium sliding patio door with a new UPVc one will cost around £950.

Converting an existing window to a  same size patio door by removing the brickwork underneath will cost approximately £1,650 and a completely new opening will cost around £2,100.

Cost Guide for Patio & French Doors

The following figures should only be used as a guide. The prices were all gathered from the internet to give you an idea of what to expect.

French door prices

French Door Size Material Supply only cost
1.10m – 1.20m  (no side panels) Double Glazed White UPVC from £400
2.90m – 3.00m (with side panels) Double Glazed White UPVC from £950
2.50m –  2.60m ( top & side panels) Double Glazed White UPVC from £950

Front & cottage door prices

Door Style Material  Supply only cost  Installation cost 
Front Entrance PVCu White From £250 From £490
Front Entrance Composite Material From £350 From   £550
Cottage Door PVCu & Composite From £300 From £550