Green Roofs: Extensive, Semi-extensive, Intensive

green roofGreen roof, popularly referred to as “living roof” is considered better than other roofing styles. In Green roof, the roof is partially or completely covered with plants and vegetables. The plants are grown on a water proof substance or membrane. Normally the Green roof includes an irrigation system, drainage system and root barrier. You may want to ask; why green roof? There are quite a number of reasons why many people like Green roof. Some of the reasons are:

  • Adds ecofriendly insulation to the house. Though many don’t agree that it serves enough in this regard. But it is obvious that humans need fresh air with abundance of Oxygen. Green roof helps in the provision of more oxygen and the removal of the corresponding carbon dioxide. This provides fresh air to an extent.
  • Helps in the absorption of rain water that falls on them.
  • Reduce temperature and add some degree of insulation against heat. This is quite helpful during the summer.

Many house owners long and love to have this wonderful green cool scene above their roof. As you plan to have a green roof. It is important that you consider the three types available.  The types of Green roofs are; Extensive, semi extensive and intensive.

Extensive green roof

This is a shallow layer of about 50 – 100mm of substrate. Plants grown in this type of roof are stress tolerant grasses, low growing plants, mosses and sedum. Extensive green roof is easier to maintain. The insulation quality is usually mild and it does not imposed, heavy weight on the building.


This is next to the extensive green roof. It consist of a layer of about 100 – 200mm. This type doesn’t require massive maintenance of vegetation and it follows the principle of the previously mentioned Extensive green roof; low growing plant as well light weight on the building.

Intensive green roof

This type of green roof imposes more weight on the building. Its substrate is made up of a layer of about 200mm+. And varieties of flowers, grasses and herbs can be grown. It needs more maintenance. This type of roof can be used as a recreational space. In some cases they provide habitats for animals and wildlife. Intensive green roof comes with good insulation than the other types. The plants absorb water better, while proper drainage and irrigation system are installed.


Installation of a Green roof appears to be very difficult to a novice. But to professional this is an easy task. Planting is not a problem for the expert. The green roof must be installed on roofs that are not greatly slanted. Moisture retention system is installed as well as adequate drainage system. Professionals use good membranes that does not leak, while a vapor control layer is also installed.

You too can have this wonderful green vegetation above your house. All you have to do is to get the right professional that will help you make this dream a reality. The cost of installing a green roof varies depending on the size and type of roof.

Whichever plans that you choose there are professionals that can deliver at an affordable price, get in touch today to receive free estimates.

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