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Green homes are increasingly becoming popular. This can be attributed to the numerous advantages that are associated with green homes. Over the years, a number of green home ideas have been introduced. Most of the ideas are aimed at preventing the continued degradation of the environment. Therefore, coming up with a green home is basically about incorporating new ideas into your home for purposes of reducing the various negative environmental threats that are associated with certain interior design ideas. Green homes also help householders to reduce their expenditure on electricity bills. Further, a green home is also significantly healthier than a regular home. Here is a look at a simple guide that can help you to successfully transform your home into a green haven.


The planning stage is very important and must be taken into account at all times. In case you fumble at this stage, you will jeopardize the entire green home remodeling process. There are a number of things that you have to take into account during the planning stage. Here is a look at some of the major issues worth bearing in mind when planning a greenhouse remodeling process.

Space; make sure the rooms have enough space for the penetration of natural light and accommodation of enough people at a time. If possible, come up with a list of all the possible items that you can include in the house. This can help you to allocate enough space to each room the house.

Durability; the durability of the materials is always worth considering. Safeguarding the environment is closely related to buying materials that are durable since they may not have to be replaced on a frequent basis. This helps to preserve natural resources.

Choice of materials; try your best to choose materials that are not harmful to the environment especially humans, animals and plants. Environmentally friendly materials are not toxic and do not require the use of harmful chemicals during cleaning.

Accessibility; make sure the rooms are capable of accommodating a good number of people including the old, the young and the middle aged.


Planning for a green home

Planning a green home


The kitchen is arguably the most important room of the house. Considering the fact that it is the one which is often used more extensivelythan other rooms of the house, it has to be kept green as much as possible. Provided you put in a lot of effort in the remodeling process, you can come up with a green kitchen which is comfortable and elegant. The choice of materials is quite important as it determines how green your kitchen can become. This applies to countertops, cabinets and even the sink. You have to make sure the materials you use for the sink and the cabinets are easy to clean without the use of chemicals. Avoiding fomaldehyde containing materials is a perfect idea. In case your kitchen features any electrical appliances such as aircons and humidifiers, make sure they are energy star. Providing enough space and natural lighting in the kitchen is also a good way to conserve electrical energy and reduce the expenditure on electrical bills.

Kitchen renovation

Green kitchen

Green ideas for kitchen

Living room

The principles underlying the green remodeling ideas of a living room are not complicated or even different from other rooms. It is often a great idea to manipulate natural light and reduce the cost of electricity. The use of bifold doors is often advisable as they can allow for the entry of natural light during the course of the day. Use energy save bulbs during the night and position them at strategic locations where they can illuminate the entire room. If you want to install air conditioners and other electrical appliances such as humidifiers and aerators, make sure they are energy star labelled.  For painting, water-base paints are often advisable.

Living room green ideas

Green ideas for living room

Living room going green


Bathrooms are also used extensively at least once or even three times a day by every individual resident in a specific home. For this reason, they have to be made green for purposes of lowering the cost of electricity bills and the impact on the environment. Just like the kitchen, the bathroom uses a lot of water and electricity. For efficiency purposes, always search for materials that are not toxic or require the use of very harmful cleaning reagents. Further, try by all means to use as much as glass as possible to avoid the excessive use of light bulbs. For example, you can use bifold doors, floors made of glass tiles and glass. Also make sure the room has enough ventilation.


Bathroom remodeling ideas

Ideas for making a bathroom green


In order to go green in the bedroom, you have to put in place a number of measures. Generally, you have to choose the right materials for your bedroom walls and bedroom furniture. To start with, you have to incorporate materials that are not toxic to the environment and are not harsh to clean. The choice of furniture products also matters a lot. It is usually advisable to for recycled wood as flooring materials. Make sure your room has enough space for the circulation of air and enhancing visibility in the room. Taking advantage of natural light is also vital as it helps to reduce electrical bills. You can incorporate many glasses and windows preferably on the walls which are free from obstructions such as trees and other structures.

Eco-friendly ideas

Bedroom green ideas

Bedroom green remodeling

Basement materials

For the basement, it is often advisable to use recycled materials or even reusing some basement materials. You have to make surethe room has enough insulation. Materials capable of resisting the movement of heat are perfect for basement insulation. Spray and rigid foams are often preferred for this purpose based on their numerous advantages. The best materials to go for are non VOC materials, recycled plastics and wood impregnated with plastics.

Green ideas for basement

Green based ideas



Financing a green home remodeling project is not difficult. There are many loans that are available today specifically for this purpose. However, this depends on your country of residence. In Canada, the CIBC home loans are available for this. Eco loans are available to residents in the UK, while USA residents can access home remodeling mortgage loans.




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