Get ready for Decor Ideas Gallery and special Greek Island Design

By far, Greece it is a unique and delightful place, known as the perfect refreshing destination. . With the whitewashed homes against the earthy rock and the pops of bright blue and green and red, there is something unique and wonderful about Grecian architecture and design. If you want to incorporate Greek island décor into your home design, do not be afraid to take chances with color and style. If you are having trouble finding the perfect mix of Mediterranean style, there are many decorators that can help you achieve the look you desire. Here are some suggestions that can quickly and easily infuse your space with Greek island home design.

1. White walls. If you have ever seen a picture of Santorini, one of the most famous places in Greece, you know that brightly those white houses stand out against the stone façade of the caldera. The color white is one of the most popular house colors in Greece, and on your walls, it will help brighten a dark room and make a small room look larger. Just because your walls are white, however, doesn’t mean you can’t have a colorful room. An added tip: if you have dark walls, it might be best to hire painter decorators who can efficiently and effectively cover the old paint.

2. Bright accents. Greek island décor is all about bright pops of color. Once you have your white walls, start incorporating your favorite colors. Keep this in mind: white and blue are the colors of the Grecian flag, and for good reason. Anything the pure brilliant blue of the Mediterranean Sea will definitely add a Grecian feel to your space. Yellows and natural greens are also favorites, but there is no reason to shy away from reds and pinks, either. Don’t go too crazy with color—you still want the room to look uncluttered and clean. Balance out some color with some natural dark or light colored woods.

3. Fresh plants. You are unlikely to find a home in Greece that does not have at least one fresh plant growing both outside and inside. While flowers are good, a kitchen herb garden is even better, adding that rich green to your room and spice to your food. Use a potted plant as a centerpiece for your table, to brighten your kitchen, or as a decoration on a side table.

4. Minimalism is key. While you may want to fill a white-walled room with plenty of pieces to liven it up, keep in mind that Greek island décor is usually pretty minimalistic. A blue table and a yellow rug are usually as much Mediterranean style as one room can hold. Don’t go overboard on accessories or knickknacks. When in doubt, consult your favorite decorators, who can advise what to add or what to take out of the room for the ultimate Greek island home design.