Good Bones: Turning A Fixer-Upper Into Your Dream Home

Tile roof siding house with a green lawn

Buying a fixer-upper can be a great way to save money on getting your dream home. A fixer-upper will often require a lot of work to turn into a dream home, and it is essential to choose a property with good bones that has structural integrity. 

While a fixer-upper will require a lot of hard work, you will ultimately get more for your money than moving into a home that is ready to go. You should go into the process with your eyes open and ensure that you are capable of the work required. 

Make A Plan

The first step to success in any major renovation project is to have a plan. If you haven’t found your property yet, you should know how much you can afford to spend on renovations and adjust your property search accordingly.

Knowing what you want the finished space to look like can help you understand how much you need to budget and how much work you will need to put into it. Once you have purchased a property, it may help to consult an architect if you plan to do significant renovations so that you have a clear and professional plan. 

Know What You Can Do – And What You Can’t

You can do a lot of work on home renovations yourself, but you should always leave some things to the professionals. For example, electrical and gas work or changes to the property structure should always be undertaken by a professional for your safety. 

You should also consider how handy you are and if you will be able to handle the amount of work that a renovation will take. Doing the work yourself will help cut costs, but it may cost you in the long run if it is not done to a high standard. 

Have The Property Surveyed

A property survey will help ensure that you understand precisely how much work will need to go into renovating a property. You should get a survey that will identify any issues with the space that might not be visible to the untrained eye. You should always have a survey done before purchasing a property to ensure that it truly does have good bones. 

If you are unsure of the level of survey you require, you can find a guide to home surveys from GB Home Surveys. GB are industry leaders in providing comprehensive surveys that identify any potential issues with a property, from structural concerns to decoration. 

Find The Right Tradespeople

Once you have committed to a fixer-upper, you will need to have a list of experts you can turn to for various elements of the renovation. It is vital to shop around to find the best tradespeople and the best value for money. However, you should avoid trading cost for quality as you will need to ensure that the work done is up to a high standard. 

It may help to get in touch with several different tradespeople so that you can get an idea of the rough cost. It would help if you looked at reviews and testimonials to ensure that they are reliable and provide high-quality services. Word of mouth is another excellent way to find reliable tradespeople. 

Get Planning Permission

If you want to make significant changes to your property, you may need to get planning permission. Gaining planning permission can be a long and complicated process. You may need to have a professional architect draw up plans for the best chance of succeeding in your application. 

Planning permission can be costly to gain, so it is crucial to optimise your chances of being approved in the first instance. It may also help to look for properties with planning permission already granted, though these can raise the price of a property. 

Enhance Original Features

If buying an older home, it may be a good idea to keep original features. Features such as fireplaces can be a beautiful centrepiece to a room and can be a fantastic way to blend modern and classic design. It can be tempting when buying a fixer-upper to gut it out and remake it entirely as you want it, but keeping some original features can help cut costs and give your home character. 

Final Thoughts

Buying a fixer-upper will be a major commitment. It would help if you prepared for the disruption it would cause to your daily life, along with the investment and hard work it will take to complete. Therefore, it is essential to go into the process with your eyes open and ensure that you can handle the project. 

You should select a property that will renovate well and avoid any properties that require work beyond your skill or budget. Unless you are a tradesperson yourself, certain work must be done by a professional to ensure your safety and the property’s structural integrity. 

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