In what ways can office refurbishment help anyway?

Oh, the good old question! Actually there is a lot a proper commercial office refurbishment can do. It can boost overall productivity by motivating the workers more, cleanliness can be illustrated boldly with the use of lighter colors, a particular image can be projected using artistic furniture, costs can be cut with the help of modern technologies, and of course, environmental responsibility can be shown with the blessings of sustainable ways.

How to plan about the whole thing?

You have to understand that a project involving commercial office refurbishment is always a major one, and therefore, proper planning is utmost important. Make sure beforehand that it is clear who is in charge of the project, and who has the final say during any confusion. As most of us resist change, the chance of having unhappy colleagues after the refurbishment is quite high, and therefore, try to involve as many people as possible for ideas and expectations, in order to end up with a happy bunch of people. Besides, you need to be clear about what you want out of the project as well. Do you want to boost profits? Are you doing it because there is need for modern technologies? Is projecting a strong image your main goal?

Why go for sustainable ideas?

These days, ‘eco-friendliness’ is the center of every business, so it only makes sense to go for sustainability yourself. The great news about sustainable office refurbishment is that it comes with major benefits. For instance, environment-consciousness automatically puts a person or a business on high moral grounds, the government is willing to provide benefits to those who help the environment, the practice can boost PR as significantly, and there is the obvious advantage of overall cost-effectiveness. Moreover, you do not really need to change everything if you do not want to. Just installing lights that consume low energy and making use of environment-friendly materials during the process can do a lot good.

What costs can you expect?

This part is quite tricky actually, and there is no well-defined answer. You see, the materials you choose and your goals associated with the project mainly decide what amount you end up paying. For instance,

If it is a simple office refurbishment or renovation involving lighting changes and color changes, you may not really need to pay much. However, if you change the furniture, the design, as well as the floors, you are definitely looking at a hefty figure. Besides, if you have many goals combined together into the single project, such as productivity boost, technological advantage, profitability increase, sharp projected office image etc. you will really need to spend top dollars.

Which firm to choose for the big task?

It is no surprise that the agency you choose for your commercial office refurbishment project will play the biggest role in this whole process. If you choose a high-end agency, you can rest assured of course, but then again, costs will be very high too. The best thing you can do is set your goals first in detail, and set your budget, and then look for firms that are willing to comply with your expectations for the quoted amount. Make sure that you discuss every bit of the project before the work begins, and write down all the expected costs. Having a focused budget estimate is absolutely mandatory, because otherwise, you may end up paying double or triple the amount you actually intended to pay, and I’m not kidding!

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