Gas fireplace repair DIY guide

Many homeowners are enjoying the benefits of a gas fireplace in their home, recognizing the dual advantage for both function and aesthetic appeal. With the efficiency and convenience offered by gas fire heat in homes, the fact that this home feature has been known to increase the value of the property by anywhere from six to twelve per cent is almost forgotten. As a homeowner, you can educate yourself in the care and maintenance of this equipment and be able to perform basic gas fire repairs, saving you both time and money.

Repair & service options

Gas fireplace repair may require the engagement of a professional service company, but you can do many of the basic tasks and repair some of the routine problems which may arise on your own. Some issues which may seem to require fireplace repairs may be a simple solution. The following are some areas that you can do yourself before investigating more advanced gas fire repairs.

Gas fireplace does not turn on

If your fireplace does not turn on, this may be as a result of a blown out pilot light. To verify, just open the vent and you will be able to see if the small flame is out, or if it is visible. If it’s out, you can re-light the pilot with a lighter or match. Close the vent and see if that remedies the issue. If this doesn’t correct the issue, there are two other steps you can take before engaging a professional for gas fire repairs.

Gas fireplaces common problems

Dirty or loose wiring could be the cause of a sluggish response, or responsible for the fireplace not coming on at all. If you’re not comfortable checking and correcting a problem with wiring this is where you may want to investigate formal fireplace repair service. You may also want to verify that the power supply to the fireplace is operating correctly by checking the generator. It’s possible that the voltage is not appropriate to support the main burner and you may adjust as necessary. This may be a simple fix to address gas fire repairs and keep you in operation.

Finally, you should check the thermocouple. If not screwed in tightly enough within the valve, this may be affecting performance. Inspect the gas control and test that the thermocouple is fixed firmly in place. While conducting this assessment, you can do some proactive gas fire repairs and verify that all tubing and wiring are functional and that nothing appears out of place.


One of the strongest attributes of gas fireplaces is their low maintenance performance and user-friendly design that allows users to troubleshoot many of the common problems which may arise as part of the routine operation of the appliance. Familiarize yourself with your make and model to be able to address some of the simple gas fire repairs that may occur during the life of your unit. Should you find that the problem is not detected upon conducting these basic checks on your fireplace, there are a number of qualified and reliable service companies that you can consult to address more serious remedies that may be required.