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Garden Statues: Why Do You Need Art in Your Yard?

Since the beginning of time, art has defined humankind. From the moment we are born, regardless of what our inclinations and professions are, we consume and make art. Whether it’s paintings, cinema, music, tattoos, interior design, books, or fashion – anything made by a person’s hand that you find beautiful is art. It moves civilisations forward, it makes our lives richer, our minds more open, our souls more fulfilled. So, art belongs everywhere, and if you have an outdoor area in your home, regardless of its size or style, art can make it better.

By their nature, gardens are beautiful and offer countless benefits for both your physical and mental health. Having an outdoor area is one of the biggest perks of living in a house, so it’s only logical that you’ll want to make it as relaxing as beautiful as possible. And there is nothing that can ennoble a place like art. 

Benefits of Garden Statues 


“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

– Pablo Picasso

Simply looking at art that moves us. A garden statue is an ideal finishing touch for a perfect garden. These ornaments can be used for many different design effects – they create striking focal points, can give your garden the perfect balance and symmetry, they will guide the eye to your favourite area of the garden, and more. But, beauty aside, there are various other reasons why people buy garden sculptures and use them to decorate their green haven.

 With its shape, colours, size, height, texture, patterns and material your artwork will stand out in contrast to the plants, the garden pots, the outdoor furniture and anything else you might use to decorate your garden. Garden sculptures will give you an opportunity to accentuate your favourite areas of your outdoor space, draw attention to the plants, etc. Outdoor statues are also the ideal way to fill bare areas or to use spots that can’t be used for plants. 

Aside from adding style, luxury, sophistication, and elevating the overall aesthetical value of your home, choosing garden art will give you the opportunity to make a statement and express your personality and world views. Choosing a statue isn’t like choosing a piece of clothes. It takes time, reflection and planning because art is forever. And, whether it’s a contemporary, modern, classical, rustic or any other design, whether it’s a representation of an animal, faces, bodies, flowers, something abstract – your choice of garden sculpture can give your garden a theme around which you can create the entire exterior design. 

But the most important benefit of all is the effect it will have on you. When you create an inviting outdoor area, you will want to spend more time in your garden. Spending time outdoors is beneficial for your overall health. Art will add to the stress-relieving effects of your garden, and when you enjoy looking at visually pleasing things, you become more peaceful, mindful and happy.  

How to Pick the Right Garden Statues

When it comes to art, there isn’t something that’s right or wrong, so of course, the first and most important criteria to choose is your personal taste, because nothing you don’t like will feel like the right statue for your garden. But, taste aside, there are some things you can take into consideration when you are choosing, including proportion, placement, material etc. 

Of course, the style of your house and your garden should play a part in what you choose. For instance, a classical style statue can look odd and out of place in a contemporary setting, whereas for a more traditionally designed garden, a classical marble statue can be a perfect choice. For a contemporary looking garden, you can find endless modern and contemporary garden statues made of stone, metal, bronze, marble etc. 

Choosing the Right Place for Your Statues


Aside from finding the outdoor statue, the most important thing is finding a good spot for it. To do that, you’ll have to take the existing vegetation into consideration. Placing a statue in the centre of the garden is a great choice, and one of the most common and obvious ones. However, that doesn’t mean that it is the best option for any garden. 

If you can’t visualise how it will look, you can use some props to help yourself. One of the easiest ways to do it is to use technology. You can take a picture of the area where you think your sculpture will look best, and superimpose a picture of the statue. Think about proportion, whether symmetry is what you are going for or you prefer asymmetrical designs. Think about the height, and always try to find the perfect balance with the trees, shrubs, other plants, as well as the architectural features of your garden. 

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