Garden Decking Cost:Softwood, Hardwood Timber, Composite

Brand new garden decking is a perfect way of enhancing overall ambience and atmosphere of the garden of yours; the space that is extra levelled is the best for hosting outdoor events and barbecues in the months of summer and spring, while it also acts as a transitional space from outside to inside; from garden to home. You can place the furniture on a steady surface that allows you to lounge in about the fresh air whenever you want and above all that, you’ll be saving on the garden maintenance over considerable area- just little extra hanging baskets or pots for brightening up the area and make deck the important section of your garden without requiring extra hassle of all those weeding and pruning methods.

What is the cost of decking?

Well, all this depends on several different factors like scale and size of your whereabouts and plans in the place you stay (contractors tend to change much in cities mainly in London) – but maximum cost depends on the kind of decking material chosen by you. For assisting you in further understanding different kinds of deck materials available, we have outlined different options and corresponding decking rates per square metre; hence one would exactly know what you get and for what price!

Softwood decking costs

softwoodOften softwood decking is pine-based or pine and is available in several different hues and grains for individuals to select from. Relatively softwood decking is easy to install though it needs little extra care as well as maintenance like varnishing or polishing over time if one wants maintaining its unblemished and light appearance. It is also one of the cheapest decking choices available- the cost generally begins anywhere from Euro 100 to Euro 110 per square metre.

Hardwood Timber Decking Prices

hardwood decking

There is a range of woods that come for hardwood decking and some of them include belinga, iroko, elondo, lapacho, teak, and ipe. All these woods are available in varying grains and with softwood decking one can select from different colours and hue that best compliments their personalised plans that they have for their garden. Hardwood is durable and strong and hence is a bit more costly. It is around Euro 240 to Euro 280 per square metre.

Composite decking prices

composite deckingPlastic or composite decking is created using recycled lumber and complete host of other materials. It is very simple to fit as well as to install in any UK garden as softwood decking. As it is made using a mixture of different materials and generally is treated prior to being sold. Furthermore, composite is extremely weather resistant and non-slip thereby making this perfect material for maximum outdoor environments. The costs of plastic decking vary but generally you will find such kind of deck manufactured at approximately Euro 130 to Euro 190 per square metre.

The decking costs mentioned above of course are only estimates depending on single online source; to know more details or much accurate information regarding garden decking costs, one must contain their local retailers or contractors for a variety of cost free quotes depending on their early design specifications and plans. In this way, one would be sure that they are in the right budget as well as still getting what they hoped for exactly.