Roof repair

Finding and Repairing Leaks in Roofs

roof leaks repair tipsSome houses develop cracks where the roof slope and touch the dormer. This could also occur when the roof slope touches other roofs close by, parapet walls and other objects such as; pipes and chimney stacks. Cracks lead to leaks that form patches on the ceiling, walls, and lofts. These patches are certainly not pleasing to the eyes. Thus most house owners will do anything to ensure that these patches are stopped and removed. Over time this leak may cause adjoining timber to rot. Thus, signifying urgent need to repair roof in order to prevent further damage and deterioration.

To remedy this defect roofing contractors or specialists should be hired. Lead is the best material to use, though, this is a little more expensive. Defective flashing should be replaced with new leadwork. Recycling the valuable old lead will reduce the cost of the repair. Localized fixing, also works where flashing has become loosed. Terraced houses can also face leaks on roof especially where the roof meets with party wall. The condition may worse if the house or the terrace have different types of roof. Professional contractors can fix this problem. Localized stripping with provision of sheets of lead under the joint will take care of the problem. New flashing at parapet also works to remedy this.

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