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Fascia boards, Soffits & Guttering Replacement cost 2020

If you fascia board, soffits or guttering needs replacement and you are wondering how much it will cost you for a full replacement or for capping, this guide will help get the right answers.


Fascia Board or Roofline

Fascias or fascia are the horizontal board that caps the edge of rafters around the outside of your building. The fascia board (roofline) can also have guttering attached to it. This makes them important for improving water drainage from your roof and keeping it in good condition.

The Soffit Board

The Soffit Board is not very easy to see as it is placed under the fascia board and it looks hidden. Ventilation is very important when it comes to roof to avoid increasing the risk of timber decay,  so the soffit has to be ventilated or to allow the of air into the roof area either ventilation has to be provided over the top of the fascia board. The second method is more popular nowadays.

What Is Included In The Job?

There will be many steps, when you are installing fascia and soffit boards to your house. Here are the phase for the installation assuming, that you are replacing the new fascia and soffit boards:

  • Remove the gutters and slide back the first row of roof tiles.
  • Remove completely the fascias and soffits and cut down any damaged felt.
  • Check the condition of the rafter feet and repair as necessary. Fix the soffit board tight against the brickwork, which provides a clean finish and sturdy edge where the soffit meets the brickwork.
  • Fix the fascia boards using 65 mm ring shank nails which are stainless steel to avoid any rust marks on your fascia boards in the coming future. Use a double fix in to every rafter to ensure the ultimate fix.
  • Now the fascia and soffits are complete. Install the rainwater system. There are a wide range of styles and colors available. Fix the guttering with a slight fall to allow the water to drain away.
  • Install the ventilation underneath the Eaves Protector, which provides a permanent replacement for the old perished felt you cut away in step 2. It has been made from a strong material and allows the roof space to breath and has flexible combs to act as a rodent guard to keep birds and other unwanted pests out. If you won`t install the Eaves Protector, use ventilated soffit board for ventilation.
  • Return the roof tiles to their normal position.
  • At the end clean up your installation and then it will be finished

Average prices for new fascias and soffit boards

On average you should expect to pay around £100 per metre to fit new fascia boards, soffits and guttering with good quality materials. However, the cost of fitting new fascias can increase depending on your specifications and whether there is asbestos and the need for scaffolding.

The cost of scaffolding ranged from £200 – £700 depending on the amount of scaffolds required. It is also quite common to find asbestos under old fascias. If this is the case, then you will have to remove it as it poses great danger to your family’s health.

The average cost of new fascias and soffits with guttering for different types of houses 

Fascias & Soffits With Guttering Costs
for a semi-detached house, front & back£1,200 -£1,500
for a semi-detached house, 3 sides£1,700 – £2,000
for a detached house£2,600 – £3,000
for a terraced house: There will be so many variants£100 /meter
for bungalow: It depends on the amount of meters£80 /meter

Replacement Or “Capping” Roofline Boards?

roof line boardsFull replacement fascias is absolutely the best solution when any sort of infestation or large areas of rot has been found including the very top edge of fascia boards, if a roof problem such as inadequate roof pitch and a lack of tile or slate cover into the gutter has caused extensive wood rot in that area. Full replacement will have positive implements such as it will increase the roof structure strength and roof detailing like verges, gables, hip ridges and roof tile support. The correct installation technique is very important for long term roof strength.

Full fascia replacement is probably the best solution when:

  • Any kind of infestation or rot has been found in large areas of the roof or the very top area of the fascia boards.
  • When the roof pitch is not enough.
  • When there is extensive rot into the gutter because of the lack of tile or slate cover.

Full fascia replacement will have positive implements such as it will increase the roof structure strength and roof detailing like verges, gables, hip ridges and roof tile support. The correct installation technique is very important for long term roof strength.

Capping fascias

Capping fascias is best solution, if you do simply want to never have to paint your fascias and soffits again. It will be an excellent option which will yield decades of trouble if it is installed properly.

This means, that all the correct trims are used and that it has been fitted professionally. However you have to inspect your wooden fascias for rot first or infestation with the person, who provides the quote to you from the whole project. Small areas of rot can be replaced with matching timber, treated and then capped over without any problem if required.

Capping has a bad reputation

The reason for having bad reputation is quite obvious. This is mostly because of the low-quality installation, as it is extremely important to hire professional installer, who really knows, how to implement high-quality capping. There are some basic mistakes concerning low-quality capping that should be avoided at any cost. The installed needs to:

  • Cover with the capping all the old rotten wooden material or “must” after you have removed it.
  • Make sure that the capping has been fitted properly in order to avoid having the fascia falling off soon after the installation.
  • Has to understand the structural strength associated with the capping. (For instance, if you replace wood with plastic, additional strengthening has to be inserted to compensate for it`s lower structural strength in all directions.)
  • Pay attention to delicate trims and adequate fixings.

Capping is a much better option for fascias than people often think. It just requires a skilful installer.

Benefits of capping

  • It is faster and cheaper method than full replacement.
  • The average cost of capping will be about £50 per meter, which means 50% cheaper than full replacement.
  • Full replacement takes more time and therefore it will cost more.

Full replacement requires more craftsmanship than clapping, but it is the only way to ensure that your roof will get support enough from fascias and soffits, if your house has rotten fascias and soffits.

But it will be worth of that because of you will get the solution for decades by this way!

Factors affecting the cost

In certain cases the cost might increase and you will have to pay more

Here are a few reasons:

  • If the boards are of a different size.
  • Access issues such as conservatory/narrow alleyway or no side access to rear side of the garden.
  • Removing old soffits containing asbestos.
  • Scaffolding fee can also vary from one company to the other.
  • Bigger companies with good reputation usually charge more.
  • Expect to pay more if you live in a big city.

Choosing Fascia And Soffit Colors

You will find a wide selection of different colored fascias and soffits as well as gutters, too. The most important point in the choosing the color is that the selected color will match with your house`s style and main colors. It would be useful to consult with an architect or decorator  about colors  before deciding with which ones to go for.

Installation Times

When planning your project, make sure you estimate how long it will take for capping and how long it will take for a full replacement job. A full fascia replacement always take more time than capping.  The following quote will help you estimate the time you will need for the project.

For instance 7 meters at the rear of the property and 7 meters at the front with 2 rainwater pipes that take the water to the ground, take 1.5 – 2 days for 2 men to complete the job.

Can I save money by re-Installing the old gutter?

It makes sense to want to save as much money as you can by reinstalling the old gutters, especially if they do not leak. However, you need to keep in mind that there is always a chance that the rubber seals/gaskets will become damaged and if you choose to re-install it and the gutter will  start leaking at the joints.

You also need to understand, that the installer will charge the exact labor fee to re-install the old or buy new ones. Furthermore, it does not really worth it to use the old gutters as they will not last for long and you will have to replace them within 5 years time.

Hire A Professional For Your Project

guttering-proffessioanalsWhen started planing your roofline project and you are not sure whether you need to apply for building permission, consult your local council,  a contractor or an architect. They will be able to help you and also recommend to you several good companies/contractors.

Here is a memory list for you, how to find a professional installer for your project:

  • Stay local choosing the company.
  • Ask your insurance company for recommendations.
  • Check credentials.
  • Check the contractor`s license and insurance.
  • Get it in writing.
  • Don`t pay for labor up front.
  • Ask for copies of receipts.

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