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Everything You Need to Know About Gas Central Heating

gas central heating

Workings of a gas central heating system

Mains gas central heating system is the most seen option in the UK. The system is kind of like a ‘wet-system’, and that basically implies that water is heated by a certain gas-fired boiler in order to apply central heating using radiators, and in addition, through house taps, hot water is supplied.

Your house may not be connected to a gas grid, in which case, you can use electricity or oil heating. You can go for petroleum gas or LPG option too. The way in which such heating systems work is pretty identical to the mechanism of gas systems. Note that you will be required to rent or buy oil or LPG, which are normally kept in tanks and commuted by roads.

Yearly fuel expenses for heating water and house (excluding installation charges)

If you use condensing boiler, expect to pay around £770

In case you have a non-condensing boiler that is old, you will most likely spend about £947

The above estimations are not based on real fuel bills. Basically, the cost of electricity and the efficiency of heaters are taken into account. The basis of the information revolves around a hypothetical 3 bedroom house which is semi-detached and very nicely insulated with loft insulation nearing 270mm, thermostatic radiator valves, insulated main pipe work, and well-insulated cavity walls.

Advantages of using gas central heating

The best thing about using gas is the truly great efficiency you get. Although standard boilers suck with hot flue gases, some modern boilers natural gas boilerthat make use of such variety are as much as 90% more efficient, or even higher.

The concern of having to store the fuel is non-existent, since gas reaches your house directly through pipelines.

Besides, if you want to replace your old gas boiler for a modern one, you just need to follow a standard process which is quite simple.

As already mentioned, gas is truly very popular heating option throughout the UK, and therefore, if you need a plumber for some reason related to servicing or break down, you can find one easily enough. Note that the government needs a person to be on the Gas Safe Register to execute any kind of boiler-related work.

Disadvantages of using gas central heating

The fact of the matter is that the costs of gas are increasing consistently, and since the UK cannot provide enough gas on its own and has to compete globally to meet the demands, the scenario in future does not seem too promising.

Whether you need a new gas connection or want to install gas central heating in your house, the involved costs are almost always higher than costs involved in other options.

In order to ensure that your gas boiler lasts as long as it should and provides good efficiency, you need to service it at least once per year.

Gas, being a fossil fuel, is not really environment-friendly as it cannot be termed as a clean source due to high carbon dioxide emission involved.

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