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DIY Central Heating Maintenance Tips for Winter

Winter is a prime-time for heating break-downs; leaving your property without warmth and hot water just central heating maintenancewhen you need it most. There are, however, several ways you can prevent this from happening.Find out how by reading our central heating maintenance tips.

Why do Heating Systems Fail During Winter?

Heating systems often break-down during the winter months due to a variety of reasons including:

  • Increased usage – heating systems are placed on maximum usage for long periods of time over winter
  • Inactivity – components such as a heating cable or  heating elements may fail because they haven’t been used over the summer months
  • Freezing temperatures – can cause pipes and brackets to expand and contract which can cause them to split

How to Prevent Heating Break-Downs

Before winter approaches you should  get your building checked and make sure any faulty or worn out heating cables, elements or parts are replaced. This may seem an unnecessary cost and hassle, but having a freezing cold building and an unhappy family (or staff if you own a business premises) could cost you more in the long run. Emergency call-outs from plumbers and heating specialists who have to order emergency parts tend to double if not triple in price because they’re needed immediately.

A Flexelec anti-condensation heater can be bought in advance if the one that you currently have looks like it needs replacing.  Parts like the Flexelec  play an important role in the overall heating system and when they do fail they can cause further problems down the line meaning that other areas of your heating system can also be affected.

Another part of the heating system that should be looked at is the crankcase heater (FCH). This prevents coolant from mixing with oil, ensuring that the system runs efficiently and does not over heat or undergoes excessive wear and tear on start up. The company Flexelec also sells a special control device that will ensure that this component lasts for a long time.

These are just three areas of a heating system that should be looked at as fixing these relatively small problems can ensure that the system runs smoothly throughout the winter. Not only will this ensure that your property is warm and runs efficiently but it can also save you from paying extortionate emergency call out fees. An efficient, well maintained heating system can also save you money on your fuel bills – so make sure yours is well maintained.

DIY Central Heating Maintenance  or not

If you’re uncertain about carrying out central heating maintenance tasks yourself, don’t hesitate to hire a professional heating engineer. You might even want to consider central heating maintenance covers – that way a company will deal with all your central heating maintenance needs regularly.

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