De-cluttering and sorting tips to remember

Decluttering and sorting tips to rememberDe-cluttering and sorting will help you to see the true scale and size of your belongings, as well as one of the first yet most important steps during the overwhelming furniture removal. The list of advantages continues with a multitude of other highlights from the ease of handling and arranging of your possessions in the removal van, to the high level of safety that you provide for your belongings when they are carefully wrapped, packed and stacked. There are few disadvantages though. For instance, it takes a lot of time.

The permanent de-cluttering means that you don’t need the items in the new house so you want to get rid of them by selling them in second-hand stores or online maybe. The disposal of waste is a difficult and time-consuming challenge too, because you usually have to deal with numerous and heavy objects. From damaged kitchen appliances and old furnishings, to bent and broken items, old newspapers and other useless objects – their enormous size may require hiring a special company for waste disposal. Not to mention if you want to permanently de-clutter the objects in the cellar that you are hoarding for years – it may turn quite an exercise when one full weekend will be insufficient.

Temporarily de-cluttering is another great choice. You can relocate only some objects right in the new house by yourself. This will save you plenty of space to deal with the wrapping and boxing of the other, important, items in order to prepare them for the move. Another great opt is to temporarily store the useless objects in a special moving and storage facility. In all cases, de-cluttering and sorting is the key for a smooth and easy relocation, but the challenges are a lot. To overcome the disadvantages and to turn them into great pros – you may need to do just a few simple tricks. Take a look:

– Make yourself an easy checklist only with the objects for de-cluttering. Include this list as a part of the long moving checklist, which will help you to keep everything in order. Include different columns in the small checklist for useless items, but don’t forget to mention which are the objects that you want to temporarily and permanently get rid of. Or else, arrange the checklist by the size of the items, or by importance. One it will help see the real size and volume of the useless objects and two – it will prevent loading a box with useless items in the van along with the other removal boxes.

– Take your free time for de-cluttering and sorting, and don’t rush in the last moment. A great tip is to begin the packing of your possessions at least a month before the move, while the sorting should be prior to the packing.

– Give tasks to all family members to sort and arrange their own possessions like the kid’s toys and books. This will save time and efforts, while in the meantime your kids can always help you with the packing of their own toys.

– Find a furniture removals company in advance. The perfect way to prepare your belongings smoothly and easy, is to hire professional movers in advance. Pick up the moving date in advance and so you will know better when to start de-cluttering and sorting.

– Get numerous removal boxes and bags. It is recommended to have boxes with different sizes and with a different strength, as well as plastic/transparent bags for an easier orientation about what’s inside.

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