Cost Of A New Loft Staircase In 2021

A loft conversion is a great way to open up your home, but you need to make sure it’s easily accessible too – and a new loft staircase might be just the thing you’re looking for.

In this guide, we will discuss anything related to loft staircase conversion cost and give you plenty of information to help you make the best possible decision before deciding which loft staircase models are the most suitable for your property.

loft-staircaseWhy should I convert my loft?

Loft conversion and/or refurbishment can be a great way to open up your home and make the most of any unused space you have left – plus, it saves you moving to a new area and starting all over again too!

Still, what most home-owners forget to think about when doing up their new loft (especially if it’s a DIY job) is how to access the new room; surely you don’t want to be pulling down that rusty old metal or wooden ladder every time you want to get up there?

Instead, you’ll want to look into installing a new loft staircase instead – these spiral, winding staircases are a great addition to your refurbishment, allowing you to access your new room easily – and even the most secure models are relatively cheap too!

Benefits of a loft Spiral Staircase

  • It provides easy access to your newly refurbished loft, so you don’t have to worry about pulling out an awkwardly placed, unsafe ladder every time you want to get upstairs.

  • Staircases are generally safer than ladders, too (as they are often installed with level steps and handrails), allowing you and your family to exit and enter the new loft without worrying about falling from a great height or hurting yourself on the way up!

  • Most attic staircases (especially spiral designs) work as great space savers, taking up the minimal amount of room on your upstairs landing as possible and freeing the loft itself from an obtrusive ladder mechanism.

  • These loft conversion stairs are easy to install and maintain – only in rare instances where the bulk of the property’s structure is exposed will you have to move out of your home for a few days. Usually, most professional laborers will get the job finished to the highest quality in less than two weeks!

  • Because they come in a range of shapes, designs, and styles, loft staircases can also be fully integrated into almost any home, modeled to suit your existing interior décor and matched with the existing materials used in the construction of your property – in fact, nearly all contractors and/or retailers, including online companies such as The Loft Centre, offer loft staircase design as part of their fully-fitted package deal, helping you to turn your loft conversion stairs ideas into a reality!

  • If necessary, loft staircases can also be fitted with doors, either at the bottom of the landing or at the top of the stairwell – giving you the level of privacy you want.

Spiral Staircase Cost

The cost of a brand new spiral staircase cost isn’t nearly as much as you might think – cheap models can be found almost anywhere on the market starting from £500 (either in-shop or online), and as long as you budget carefully, there’s no reason why you can’t save for the style that suits your home!

Planning for a New Staircase

So what needs to be considered before you install a brand new staircase? Below we’ve listed some of the major and most important factors to plan for when thinking of installing a new one:

Layout: Firstly, think about how much room you have to work within your hall, landing, and stairwell. Can you change the existing dimensions for a larger width? Do you want a straight staircase, or one the curves or bends round at a certain point? Is it between one or two floors? Will you need to think about hiring an architect to help make sense of the measurements? These are all important things to think about before getting started.

Building Regulations: When you have an idea of the sort of stairway you want, it’s always good to check that your plans comply with the necessary building regulations. According to the Building Regulations K1 document, all UK households must ensure that there are at least two meters of headroom on all steps of a new staircase; that the stairs are pitched to a maximum of 42 degrees; and that if the staircase exceeds 36 steps, a bend or curve initiates a change in direction. If the steps themselves are also less than one meter wide, you will need to install a handrail on one side of the new staircase (with spindles no more than 90cm apart); if the steps are wider than a meter, then you will usually need to install handrails on both sides of the case.

Style: Once you’ve ticked off the practicalities and legal side of things, you can start thinking about the various staircase designs retailers, and contractors have to offer! These days stairways come in a range of different materials (including oak, teak, steel, and aluminum), colors and shapes – and, if necessary, can be tailor-made at a cost to suit you.

Extras: You can also think about all the extras that will help your staircase blend neatly with the rest of your home – what about carpeting the stairs or laying a runner? Or would you prefer a natural wood varnish finish? There are plenty of stylistic options for homeowners to consider once the final plan is in place.

Installing a Spiral Staircase

Although who might now convince you that a spiral staircase is right for you, there are nevertheless several things to think about during the planning and installation of such a major renovation, including the following:

  • What is the height like between the rooms in which you want the spiral stairway installed? How many risers will you spiral staircaseneed? Will there be enough headspace for when you reach the top of the stairs? Will it be too cramped?
  • What corner of the room makes for the easiest access? Spiral staircases often work best when slightly out of the way and away from any major household appliances.
  • Is your purchased kit truly DIY safe? Do you have the knowledge and experience to fit it all by yourself? Or will you need an extra pair of hands? Be careful not to let any of the sharp tools damage the risers during installation, as that is where many people slip up when laying new stairways.
  • Finally, do you need to hire a professional carpenter or building contractor to fit the stairway for you? It might cost a bit more and mean letting someone into your house for a couple of days. Still, these workers are highly trained in measuring out the right space and installing the staircase, so it fits neatly into the room you have – helping you to avoid a squashed, unsightly stairway that you were trying to prevent in the first place and get the home refurbishment you have been dreaming of!

New Staircase Cost

Price Range –  £150- £1,800

So, how much is for a new staircase? The final cost of a new loft staircase will ultimately depend on several different factors, including the size of your home and/or the attic itself; the model and chosen design of the stairs; the materials the staircase is made of; the projected height and width of the staircase; and how soon you want it fitted in your property. Still, to help give you a basic notion of the cost of a new staircase, we’ve sourced the following prices from various respected websites on the web:

Design Softwood Hardwood (Ash/Oak)
Straight £380 £1100
Single Winder £510 £1375
Double Winder £660 £1725
Quarter Landing £425 £1250
Half Landing £510 £1600
Triple Winder £785 £1875
Z Shape £700 £2075
Straight Mid Landing £500 £1700
Double landing £500 £1600

*The prices above do not include VAT and delivery costs.

Useful Tips

  • Georgian spindles, Turned posts,  and ball caps, will increase prices by 10%+
  • The installation cost can also increase depending on the access, scale, and complexity of the project.
  • Carpenters typically charge between £200-£400+ on average to install a staircase within a few days.
  • If you have a limited budget and try to save money, you need to be very confident that you can do the job yourself, as it requires skills, patience, and a little muscle.
  • If you order the stairs yourself and then hire a carpenter to fit them, you could be saving around £500+.

How To Save Money

Remember, these figures are based on a single-winder spiral staircase and aren’t representative of the prices in your area at this current time. For the most accurate figures possible, you should contact as many different contractors and retailers as possible for the most up-to-date quotes they have on the specific model you want to be fitted in your home.

While spiral staircases are the most popular option, they are by no means the only suitable loft stairway for you, and if you are integrating your new staircase into your loft extension costs, then you might find that you could save even more money. However, only by shopping around for the best deal are you sure to find a trained and trusted installation contractor who will get the job done exactly as you want it.

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