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Concrete spur fence post repair: Tips for how to

Beveled-Fence-Post1-300x225Both aesthetic and practical fence needs maintenance as they are important to define boundary of your yard. As time passes fence becomes damaged and require to repair fence posts. Broken or damaged fence does not go well with both decor and function. Either you have to take out fence post repair pike or need to replace fence post. Here are some tips for how to repair fence posts.

Strengthen a rotten fence port:

Underground decay of fence port is the most common problem especially for wooden fence. To avoid further decay or collapse it need to get reinforced in correct time. Strengthening of fence post can be done by fence post repair spur very easily.

Repairing fence port:

  • Strengthen the support the fence by placing timber lengths on both the side.
  • Dig a hole round the fence post base.
  • Cut the rotten part and take away concrete.
  • Cot the wood with preservative to prevent decay.
  • You can get extra strength to the post by putting a concrete spur in a digged hole.
  • Join the post and spur side by drilling hole and placing bolts.
  • Place the nuts and tight it with spanner.
  • Make strong structure of timber lengths for post and check vertical spirit level.
  • Widraw the support of timber after concrete will get dry.
  • A bracket can be used for strengthening of broken or damaged fence post.

Add the fence post

If the fence post is damaged very badly then, advisable to replace it rather than repair. You can repair privacy fence or stockade fence with adding additional permanent posts to either site of damaged post. Dig a new hole for new post. Put some inches of gravel to the bottom of hole and let some dropped cement util dried. When new fence posts are firmed in ground, then join them with stockade fencing crossbar.

Hire professional tradesmen for fence repair

Fence repairing or replacing can be tedious and hard to carry out. You need labours and it can be very time consuming job. For long lasting it should done properly otherwise it can damage again in between. Due to these reasons it is usually recommended to hire professional tradesmen to carry out long lasting fence post repair job. You can get pre-tested local tradesmen at your doorstep.

Useful video about replacing a damaged or rotten fence post:

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