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Your First Guide To Concentrating Solar Power Systems

solar power systemAre you still wondering why many people like to have mirrors on their fields that point toward the sun? The answer is these people are looking to build a solar power system.

The idea behind these systems is to concentrate the sunlight to one spot and, accordingly, the heat focused can be used to heat up the liquid that flows along the pipes.

This system is well-known as Parabolic-trough system (pdf), which plays the role to heat the oil that is flowing through the pipe. As the oil is extremely hot, it makes sense to use it to boil water to power a steam generator, which in turns powers the needed electricity.

Why do people opt for this system?

The big deal behind these solar power system is the U-shaped mirrors. They do an excellent job in attracting and collecting the sun heat, which is then transferred onto the receiver.

The receiver absorbs the heat and transfers into fluid, which helps to power the engine.  The heat causes the fluid to swell up against the piston and that produces mechanical power.

What are the typical applications for this energy?

renewable energy, solar power systemThere is no unique answer for this question as you can use this solar power system for any application that needs power. For example, operating generators or even an alternator can be typical examples of this method. Indeed, this system works fine, thanks to the molten salt that flows through the receiver.

When the salt heats up, it can generate electricity through the steam generator.  The salt holds in the heat for several days before it has to be converted into electricity.  Because this system uses so many panels, it is mainly used for industrial solar power where acres of land can be donated to the Parabolic Trough.

What is the big benefit behind this system?

Indeed, this system does not have to work every day to generate power. Such solar power system are large enough to create energy that will be enough not only for a single day, but also for several ones. Practically, this system is large enough to permit the transfer of the heat a couple of days later.

Why should you opt for this option?

Business owners do opt for concentrating solar power systems as they will never run into the problem of having long down-time when the power fails. They do care about their machines in the first concern, and as long as the machines can still work, nothing else will worry them.

What is the direction of the future?

Scientists are continuously studying this theory as businesses use it to power their machinery.  Steam power was what was used from the beginning with solar power and is still what most systems depend on to service their production needs.

In fact, experts expect to see more and more fields that full of solar power system, with mirrors pointing up to the sky. The motivation is surely generating solar energy that is enough for the whole world. This is indeed a great goal since traditional ways of getting electricity are getting more and more expensive.

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