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How To choose The Best Roof For Your House

Finding the best roof for your house is very important since it acts as the shield that is providing protection over your house. Choosing the best materials will ensure the durability of your roof. You should look at other factors like cost, weight and durability so as to choose the right roofing for your home.

how to choose the best roofCost of roofing

Before choosing a roof for your house, weighing the cost of  roofing materials and installation will play a major role. The shape of your house is also going to influence the cost of roofing for example if your house has intersecting roof lines.

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Roofing materials

We’ve highlighted a number of materials used for roofing but not every material can be used on all roofs. Some roofs are flat and will require different materials from low slope roof structures. When considering using heavy roofing materials like slate and tiles, ensure that your house is strong enough to hold the weight of the roof.

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Asphalt roofs: The asphalt shingle is the most common because it is very pocket friendly and easy to put up. It is great in good and bad weather and is not strenuous for the house structure since it is not heavy. Some roofing materials like wood do not do well during the rain. Their tolerance is limited and they end up rotting and caving in.

Metal roofs: Metal roofs have been introduced in recent times and are catching on like a wild fire because of their durability and resistance to weather changes. They have made their mark in the market but ae relatively expensive compared to other materials. The other most expensive material is slate which is also very durable.


In as much as you would want a pocket friendly roof. You need to ask yourself how long it will last before you are required to start changing it. A durable roof means great quality materials which may be a bit costly but worth the coins.


If your roof turns out to be heavier that your house structure can hold then it will collapse and bring about losses. Ensure the roof you choose is the right weight for your home. For example the asphalt shingles, they are relatively lightweight.

Does it complement the house?

Your choice of roofing can either complete your house or cramp your house’s style. You need to choose the best roofing, one that will make your house stylish and admirable.

Will it hold up during natural disasters?

This is a very important issue to address, as we earlier mentioned your roof is the shield to our house. Choosing an extremely light roof might not offer the necessary protection for your house in case of a hurricane. A wooden roof for example might either leak water into your house and with time rot and end up being a disaster of its own.

Are you interesting in saving energy?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, cooling and heating your home takes almost half of your total money spent for utility bills. To put it another way, energy costs of many British families are rising through the roof, literally. For combating the winter cold and summer heat, the roof is the best shield. A roof with poor insulation and low-efficiency, therefore, can cause massive air conditioning or heating costs, by allowing large amounts of heat during the summer, and releasing large amounts of warmth during the winter.

Building an energy efficient roof

Hence, if you decide to spend a bit of your money in order to build an efficient roof, you will save huge heating or cooling costs in the coming years. Keeping your house warm during the winter and cool during the summer, an energy-efficient roof can withstand UV radiations as well, which enhances its overall life.

Heat resistant roofing materials : The best roofing materials show good solar reflectance, which basically means that the energy of the sun is reflected back, rather than being absorbed by the roof. These roofs have the ability to reduce roof temperature by as high as 30%. The ability to release any absorbed solar energy is very high too, which is termed as high emittance.

Roof insulation: Addition of insulation can enhance the energy efficiency of a roof too. When the temperature is low, insulation materials with high R-value (the resistance capacity of transfer of heat of the insulation) trap lots of heat inside a house, causing lower heating bills.

Choosing energy-efficient roofing materials

  • Be sure to buy only Energy Star labelled roofing products as they are energy efficient.
  • Energy Star products are highly reflective and provide great protection against the sun. They can even decrease the temperature by 56 degrees in some cases.
  • So if the area you live is warm, you can simply use light color to re-coat your roof if you don’t want to build a totally new one, in order to decrease costs of cooling, and vice versa.
  • By coating your dark colored roof alone, the surface temperature of  the roof can be reduced by 50 to 80 degrees!
  • Energy efficient roofing materials are considered mostly wood, asphalt, tile and concrete
  • Concrete or clay tile roofs are generally expensive when installed, but can save money in the long turn because they are energy-efficient.
  • Avoid aluminum or unpainted roofs are they do not reflect the sun rays.  
  • In order to save money, you will also need to hire a contractor specialised in energy-efficient roofs that can also warranty the quality of the roofing materials.

Do you have enough slope

If your roof is of a lower slope then the following materials are most suitable, asphalt and metal. For steeper roofs then you can use wood, slate and clay tiles. This is not completely limiting because some of these materials can be used in both steep and low sloped roofs

Once you have broken down the different types of roofing materials, their costs and durability, you make your choice and decide which roofing material suits your roof. While you may not think much of the roofing, having a stylish roof will compliment your house.

Hire A  Skilled Roofer

There is one more very important thing to choose to ensure that your roof is properly fixed. A good and skilled roof installer who knows exactly how to fix your roof without leaving gaps and knows the importance and how to flash. Be sure that your contractor can fix your roof in a way that it looks regular and not crooked.

This very easy steps will help you greatly when installing a new roof for your home or even when you decide to change the roofing in your house.

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