How To Choose The Right Shutters For Every Room

To help you choose the right shutters for every room, we’re going to take you through a few simple questions before giving you a mini room guide. At the end of this article, we’re confident you’ll be able to choose the right shutter for every room in your home with ease.

choose-right-shuttersWhen it comes to choosing interior window shutters for the home, many find themselves leaning toward one style in particular. Unfortunately, while you may love a certain style of the window shutter, not every window in your home will. Each room in the home has its own needs, depending on where it’s located and how it’s used. 

Which Window Shutter Is Best For My Property?

Technically, every single window shutter out there will be suitable for your home in one way or another. If you’re leaning toward a particular one, we’re certain that there will be at least one room that will suit that style. Whether your home is contemporary or vintage, window shutters can blend in with varying decors. Let’s take a quick peek at some of the styles available.

Cafe-Style these cover the lower half of the window, offering a little privacy and at the same time lots of light. They offer a country-chic appeal and often workout to be the most affordable option. 

Tier-On-Tier on these shutters the top and bottom are separate. This allows you to have the top open and the bottom closed and vice versa. These offer great privacy as well as flexibility and often suit more traditional homes.

Full Height otherwise known as plantation shutters, these are as the name would suggest, full height and offer a more contemporary look. Having a mid rail with these shutters allows you to open/close the lower part of the panel independently from the upper part giving you more flexibility. 

Solid these are the perfect choice for those wanting that French chic appearance. These can be either completely solid or a combination of both solid and slatted on upper or lower.

Trackedthese are full height shutters but are used on much longer, wider windows and doors. As the name would suggest, they move along on a tracking system and therefore appear a little more contemporary than others.

Which Material Should I Use?


There are different window shutter materials available, from plastic to wood. Plastic, for instance, will look almost identical to wooden shutters however, the big difference being that they offer waterproof properties making them better suited to bathrooms and kitchens. Wooden shutters, however, are perfect virtually everywhere else you may want them.

How Should My Shutters Open?

With the different styles available, you can choose whether you need to open the entire shutter by folding it back aka via tracked or solid shutters, or by tilting the slats as you would with cafe-style or tier-on-tier. 

This is simply down to personal preference and what you’re hoping your shutters will achieve in each room. When it comes to slats, you may also want to consider that the wider the window or door, the wider you want the slats or louvres. Wider slats also provide a more contemporary look too.

What Colour Should My Shutters Be?

While white shutters are easily the most popular, it’s possible to enjoy a range of colours. Companies such as Diamond Shutters offer a service that provides totally bespoke window shutters, capable of producing virtually any colour you can imagine. So whether you’re looking for white, off white or a striking purple hue, they can produce it for you. 

This, once again, is simply down to personal preference for each room but do consider whether you want your shutters to blend into the background or to become a feature of the room. Striking colours will make them a feature, making them stand out. Blending them with your wall colour, however, won’t take away too much from other focuses in each room.

Still Unsure? Check Out This Room Guide

If you’re still unsure, check out this quick room guide to help you decide on the best window shutters for each room in the home:

  • Living Room – ask yourself whether you overlook a busy road in which case tier-on-tier would be a great idea, as well as cafe style to offer you the privacy you need. Tier-on-tier would also give you the flexibility in summer to open the top half.
  • Bedroom – we vary rarely do much else than sleep in our bedrooms so consider when they’ll be getting used? Will you ever fold them back completely or will you simply want them closed each night to prevent light entering in the morning? Solid or full height shutters can work well in bedrooms.
  • Bathroom – plastic shutters are very much needed in bathrooms due to the humidity. You may also want to consider full height or solid simply for the privacy aspect.
  • Kitchen – is your window near a busy cooking area? While wooden shutters may be fine, plastic shutters may be better as they’re essentially warp-proof. It’s then worth considering whether you want added privacy or flexibility with light i.e. full height or cafe style?
  • Dining Room – when it comes to the dining room, this is where most people tend to have most fun in terms of colour. Think mood enhancing window shutters, darker shades etc. You may also want to consider whether, much like a lot of homes, your dining room doubles up as a mini gym or playroom. With so much clutter, you may want to ensure a more streamlined look with solid or full height shutters.
  • Office – will you be wanting to block out light from your computer screen? Then tier-on-tier may be the very best option, giving you total flexibility.

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