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Having a safe and efficient central heating system is an important part of your property, so if you need to replace or install a new system, find out about the cost of a new central heating system here.

electric-heatingCentral heating is less of a luxury and more of a fundamental necessity for every UK home! Even the idea of going even a month without access to on-demand heating is pretty grim, to say the least, but central heating systems are neither time nor bullet-proof.

Poor central heating means not only a cold, noisy, and generally uncomfortable home, but it also means that you could be spending money like water.

Upgrading to a new 21st-century standard can make the most incredible difference. However, it’s understandably crucial to establish what kinds of costs you’re looking at first because how much central heating costs depends on a great many aspects such as boiler type, installations, fuels, flues, radiators, cylinders, and much more.

Weighing up the costs and options

central-heating-costWhen they consider central heating, the first question on everyone’s minds is; how much is it? Exactly how much you can expect to pay will, of course, be determined by the size, complexity, and type of central heating installation you go for. Variables like the size of the home, the number of rooms in which to place radiators, and other extras like under-floor heating will all make their respective marks on the overall costs.

The cost of installing central heating depends on many factors such as the remodeling requirements of your home so that it will be suitable for central heating has a great effect on how much central heating is, the time it takes, and how difficult the installation of added items that you will need for the system to function properly.

Generally speaking, you’ll be looking at an installation bill of between £350 and £1,000, which comes on top of the costs of the parts.

Gas or electric central heating?

Gas central heating is by far the UK’s most popular and highly recommended choice for central heating. The reason is that when considering how much it is to install central heating and how much the running costs are for gas and electric heating units are, gas central heating almost always works out cheaper than electric.

Other options include LPG and Oil central heating systems, though gas again comes cheaper. Gas units are also ideal for homes located in remote areas of the country when there is no electricity available.

Furthermore, gas central heating systems have the benefit of providing hot water for the whole day.

The heating bill varies massively, depending on the usage and property size in terms of annual running costs.

Electric –  £2,000

Gas – £800

Oil – £450

Gas LPG  – £750

Of course, a tailored tariff from an electricity supplier could bring the seemingly high costs of electric central heating down a little. However, gas remains the most cost-effective by far.

How much it is to install gas central heating depends greatly on the size of the unit, the complexity of your home, the time it takes to install the units, and your personal preference regarding where and how the installation should take place.

Installing a new gas central heating system is more cost-effective than using an old system because it will save you a lot of money on repairs in the long run. Also, many companies offer installation discounts when you purchase new units.

If you are looking for more information, you can read the following House Facing Sheet (pdf)

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How much will a new central heating system cost?

If an outright refit of the whole job lot is required, the cost to install central heating will again be determined by the system and specifications. You need to consider the cost of the boiler, the radiators and controls, the pipework, and labor. To get a rough idea of the average cost to install new central heating, estimate that you need to pay around £3,500 – £4,500 for a three-bed property.

To help you estimate the cost of new central heating, we have created a list with the cost of the common jobs.

Job Type Approx. cost Time Needed
Replace the existing boiler with a new one in the same location £1,800 -£2,000 1 day
Replacing an existing combi boiler with a new boiler in a new location £2,300 – £2,600 2-3 days
Replace boiler and
hot water tank with a new combi boiler
£2,700 – £3,000 2-3 days
Back boiler replacement with a new boiler (keeping the same hot water tank) £2,300 – £2,600 2 days
Back boiler replacement + hot water tank £2,700 – £3,000 2-3 days
Open vent installation central heating system installation £3,800 – £4,000 2-3 days
Sealed central heating system installation £4,000 – £5,500 2-3 days
Fit a new boiler pump £180 – £200 0.5 day
Supply and fit new radiator £180 – £200 1 day
Power flush an existing central heating system £350 – £450  1 day
Boiler tube replacement £80 – £150 1 day

These are, of course, rough estimates and will vary following the job and the provider, and the cost to fit a central heating system is mostly determined by your own preferences of brand, size, and home renovation requirements.

Gas central heating installation costs

Gas is the most popular fuel used to heat in the UK whether. The cost, of course, will depend on the size of your property and the number of radiators that need to install.

  • A single-story building with 3 radiators is around £2,200
  • A two-story building with six radiators is around £3,000

There are two main types of gas boilers, condensing conventional boilers and condensing combination boilers.

  1. Conventional gas boiler

This type of gas boiler system requires two water tanks, one, usually kept in the loft, is the ‘cold water storage tank’ (which refills using cold water mains) along with a ‘small feed and expansion tank.’ Water from the storage tank provides water to the cylinder – which is usually located in the airing cupboard – the condensing central heating boiler heats the cylinder and makes the cold water hot. The cylinder can then provide the house with hot water via taps, and a pump will move this hot water through pipes to heat the radiators.

  1. Condensing combination gas boiler

Combination gas boilers are economical, provide your home with a continual supply of hot water, and deliver hot water as fast as the cold taps. However, who may reduce the flow rate if more than one tap runs at the same time? Combination gas boilers heat water instantaneously and directly from the mains, eliminating the wait that storage cylinders may often incur. It also rids the need for a cold water storage tank. A pump circulates the hot water through the pipes and heats the radiators.

Central heating radiators prices the UK

The cost of radiators will depend on the size and the number you need. Below you can see the top-selling models: 

Model Cost
Kudox Flat Panel Radiator 600 x 1000mm £81,99
Kudox Premium Type 22 Double Convector Compact Convector Radiator 600 x 1400mm


Kudox Premium Type 22 Double-Panel Double Convector Convector Radiator 600 x 1000mm £74,99
Kudox Premium Type 22 Double-Panel Double Convector Convector Radiator 600 x 800mm £65,99
Revive 600h x 2000l Double DELUXE radiator (K2) £117.72

Price of central heating pumps

The central heating pump is a vital part of the system, and it will need to be replaced eventually. Of course, the price will depend on the size of the pump, and some prices are listed below from Plumbworld and HomeBase UK. Changing a pump can cost between £90 and £150 in labor.

Model Cost

Grundfos UPS2 15-50/60 Central Heating Pump


Wilo Yonos Central Heating Pump 6m


Flowmaster Central Heating Pump ‘A’ Rated 230V (77771) Great Value Product


Wilo 4035479 SB30 Secondary Circulating Pump


Grundfos Alpha 2L 15-50 (55237)


 Electric central heating running costs

The average annual cost for running an electric combination boiler in the UK comes around £2,053 when consuming around 13,500 kWh a year.

Electric central heating costs depend on the tariff charged and the electricity company you are with. The most economical tariff is a 7 or 10 that uses storage heaters that come on at night for lower prices. Electric central heating might not be the cheapest heating technology, but you save money on installation and servicing costs.

System components and design

Central heating

Central heating solutions facilitate having a central unit that generates heat which can use for various other sub-systems that would need heating solutions. There are widespread applications of central heating systems, and it in huge demand, enabling you to enjoy warm and cozy temperatures at your place during chilly winters. Read on to know more about central heating usage in different areas, what it costs to install central heating, and all the components you will require for an effective heating system.


central heating boiler

A central heating boiler supplies hot water throughout, never having you wait for the same. A single boiler can have several outlets which can supply hot water to kitchens, bathrooms, etc. Various types of boilers are available in the market, such as combination boiler, open vent boiler, and system boiler. By having this installed, one can enjoy hot water at all times from a single centralized heating boiler.

The size and type of your boiler have the greatest effect on the cost of new central heating systems because it is the biggest component required for effective central heating.


There are various types of fuels which can be made use of for central heating facilities. Natural gas, electricity, oil, charcoal, and renewable fuel sources can be used as fuels for central heating solutions, depending upon the user’s requirements.

These fuels could also affect the cost of central heating installation because extras such as gas canisters or charcoal containers should also be installed at your home, especially if you want your home to have a neat appearance.


Flues are chimneys that serve as a vent for the fumes to move out, which are produced during the operation of central heating boilers. It is essential to have good quality and efficient flue in place for the boiler, as the fumes might prove to be hazardous if not vented out properly, causing overheating and the explosion of the boiler. The flues may be concealed or visible openly, based on the installation approach followed. However, regular servicing and maintenance of the flue have to be carried to enable the smooth functioning of the boiler, thereby avoiding any untoward incidents. The flue you decide upon will greatly affect how much it is to fit central heating, especially if you want a concealed flue built into the walls.

Hot water cylinders


Hot water cylinders store the water heated from a boiler, and it stays insulated, thereby keeping the water hot for several days. Also, who can heat water present in the hot water cylinder by subjecting it to different heat sources?

There are two types of hot water cylinders available: Vented hot water cylinders, which are connected using a vent pipe to a cold water tank, and unvented hot water cylinders, which are pressurized to maintain water can use to supply hot water at high pressure. The size of hot water cylinders varies for different boilers. Increasing the size of your hot water cylinder will result in an increased fee for installing central heating but might be worth the extra amount if your household requires a lot of hot water or heating.



Radiators are useful in central heating systems as they provide flexible heating solutions, i.e., they heat up quickly and cool down quickly. The advantages of using radiators are tremendous, as they are healthy, responsive, and controllable as per the user’s requirements, which ends up saving time owing to their heat-dissipating capabilities. They are also safe to use as their surfaces remain warm, without causing any damage to things in contact with it or are nearby. A new central heating system and effective radiators costs are nothing compared to how much you will save on time efficiency and medical bills if you don’t have a central heating system.

Can I get financial help?

If you want to know how much to get to install central heating, you will have to discuss the matter with the suppliers to understand your unique needs and provide you with an effective quote. The UK’s central heating grants initiative has been replaced by the ‘Affordable Warmth’ program though the principles remain largely the same.

Grants are frequently awarded to those who cannot afford an essential upgrade to an old, inefficient, or in any way dangerous central heating system – full guidelines and the application process can be found at You will also receive guidelines on which central heating installation costs are to be claimed and which you will be liable for.

Central heating installation quotes

who should take central heating installations within a domestic environment very seriously? Installing a gas, oil, or electric boiler is not an easy job, and one must always carry it out only by professional central heating installers.  If you are interested in locating central heating fitters, Homeadviceguide can help you get in touch to receive 3 free no-obligation central heating quotes.

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