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Loft Ladder Fitting Cost & Advice

CCTV, Loft, loft ladders, Stairs & Railings

Installing a new loft ladder can be a tricky and complicated business unless you know exactly what you’re doing –...

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5 Great Advantages of Installing Electronic Locks


Well, these days more and more home-owners are looking at electronic locks (also known as electronic door building...

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Fire Alarms Installation Cost & Maintenance Advice

Burglar Alarms, Fire alarms, Safety & Security

A fire alarm could save your life, so it is worth the small upfront cost. Find out more about fire alarm installation...

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Why install a security intercom?


Intercom systems provide a modern and secure way of protecting your home, find out about the costs and why you should...

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A Guide to Cheap House Alarms

Burglar Alarms

If you happen to be searching for a cheap house alarm to help keep your property safe, but are worried about how much...

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Data Protection Act, CCTV Cameras & The Law

CCTV, Security

CCTV is becoming even more popular as a security device. There are around 4-6  million systems in operation in the UK....

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Why Install A CCTV In Your Leicester home

CCTV, Security

Protecting your property and loved ones from potential burglars no longer means taking risks – CCTV systems now come...

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Burglar Alarm Systems Installation Cost: Intruder Alarms Types & Benefits

Burglar Alarms, Safety & Security

If you are considering installing an intruder alarm and your want to find out more about the burglar alarm installation...

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CCTV System Cost (Price Guide)

CCTV, Cost guides, Safety & Security, Security

If yo you are planning to install a CCTV system to your home this might sound a little over-dramatic as you have...

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