Who wants to be owner in 2015 is a good year for acquisitions. There is still the possibility of taking a loan or a mortgage, interest rates are quite low and the monthly rate can be adjusted depending on the financial possibilities of each. In addition, there are always apartments for sale, the market is in a constant motion and the offers are still available, in terms of old and new buildings.

Here it is a guide to buying a perfect home that can help you identify what you are looking actually, where you can find your dream house and how to make an intelligent future acquisition.

  • Make sure you have cash savings– When you start looking for a new home or a new apartment, make sure you have some savings in order to pay an advance, in the event you find an exceptional home and a seller rushed, it needs money urgently. These cases are rare, but you should be prepared for them. In addition, if you cannot sell the house in which you live as quickly as planned, you have at least a starting point, a chance to book the home you found it, with an advance payment.
  • Think in the long term-Think how “pleasant” is moving from one apartment to another, especially when you have children and they have so many things to move. In addition, it is more difficult to adapt to a new environment. Single families should look for a home that can adapt to potential changes in your life, changes that still cannot accurately plan.
  • Pay attention to location-Why is location so important? Firstly, because you live in that neighbourhood many years to come and it are important to feel comfortable. Secondly, the district must have potential for sale if you want to move to another city / area in the future, so think it is an investment. For families with children it is important to have a kindergarten / school as close, a connection to public transport and possibly a playground for children.
  • Proximity to work it should be taken into account, especially now, when roads become more congested and traffic is becoming a pressing issue. That time you should spend on a journey from home to work and back, you will be able to add to sleep in the morning or you can turn into a gym, where hardly finds time in general.
  • Lie down as you reach quilt-In the world dominated by loans in which we live, it is very easy to get carried away and spend money that you actually do them. The temptations are great, especially when you make an investment of this scale. If you buy an apartment in cash, you can also fill a small value credit if you were hopelessly in love with a house.
  • Bigger is not necessarily better-Everyone loves the generous space. For example, for some of us it is important to have separate rooms for each child or to have the living room and separate office room. The ladies want a dressing room and children a playground bidder. The question is how much maintenance cost all these rooms? What is the cost of maintenance in winter, how long it takes to clean the whole house etc. If you are among those who want to use space more efficiently, then you can opt for a smaller house and then to look for space efficiency solutions that are now available to everyone.
  • Consider new and old buildings-The temptation is to choose property as new system maintenance facilities, courtyards already in place and finishes the last generation. But sometimes older buildings can have high quality finishes, even if sometimes require repairs. If you choose to go on a house older version, you must consider several factors, such as: Insulation – done well or be rebuilt? A poor insulation can cost you dearly in the long term, visible in maintenance costs; Electrical System – employed electrician check the electrical system and put you on your guard if you identify major problems; Gas plant – one of the most serious problem because a gas installation problems can be life-threatening. Make sure you check everything with a specialist;
  • Dampness – can cause serious health problems, so make sure you will not be subjected to medical checks tiring because of a detail of this kind.
  • Identify potential areas– If you want to make a long term investment opportunity and cannot afford to buy a building in a very good area, try to identify areas of the city that have high growth potential over the next 10-20 years. For example, a house in a peripheral area can become, over the years, very valuable, because the city extends outside the peripheral areas and those areas, 10 years ago were considered to be too far from the centers of interest of the city, today are regarded as very good, being at relatively small distances from city centers.
  • Work with real estate agencies– Real estate agents know the market very well, have an overview of existing offers in the city and can find terms that you do not have access otherwise. Sometimes it can be more profitable to pay a fee to obtain a better price for the home or to find a property that is not listed in newspapers and on websites profile.
  • Tell your friends and be patient– This method works more effectively than any other form of marketing, it is good to hark and listen carefully. Tell your friends that you are looking for a house, an apartment or a studio and wait for news in the market. They will not delay to appear.

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