Building surveys in London

If you're buying a new home in London or selling your current one, carrying out a building survey can be invaluable – find out more here.

Conducting a building survey in London is an excellent way of determining the condition and value of a property; this can save you money and reduce the risk of buying a home with unforeseen problems. Despite these advantages, 80% of people do not carry out a building survey before purchasing. This is a bit like buying a car without taking a test drive – you just don’t know what may go wrong once you’ve bought it. A building survey in London can help detect problems with the property and therefore prevent costly repairs surprising you later on. Building surveys in London should be carried out by a trained professional.23

What exactly is a building survey?

Conducting a building survey in London is a way of precisely determining the condition of your property; this can help you negotiate prices and determine whether you are paying a fair price for the building. If you're selling a property in London, conducting a survey will prove it is in the same condition you say it is in. A building survey can be carried out on any type of property but is especially suited to the following buildings:

        • Listed buildings
        • Old properties
        • Buildings that have been constructed in an unusual manner
        • A property that you plan to substantially renovate or refurbish

A building survey in London can reveal any work that needs to be done on the property because it provides such a detailed analysis of the condition. The survey report will list what repairs, if any, need to be done on the property and can also give peace of mind about parts of the property that are in a suitable condition.

What is covered in a building survey?

A building survey doesn't include a valuation of the property unless you specifically ask for it. According to RICS, the information provided in a building survey covers the following:

        • Major and minor defects and what they could mean.
        • The possible cost of repairs.
        • Results of damp testing on walls.
        • Damage to timbers – including woodworm and rot.
        • The condition of damp proofing, insulation and drainage.
        • Technical information on the construction of the property and the materials used.pic-services-lease-renewals
        • The location.
        • Recommendations for any further special inspections.

Cost of a building survey in London

Conducting a building survey in London isn’t  expensive; especially when you consider the amount of money and hassle it could save you in the long run – a building survey has the potential to pay for itself many times over. As a rough guide, a survey can cost up to £1,000 and price will depend on the size and value of a property as well as its location. Organising a building survey in London is easy – simply compare quotes from three or more contractors to find the best price available; make sure you check your contactor has relevant qualifications and valid Public Liability insurance.


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