Budget Friendly Kitchen Makeover Ideas

kitchen worktops cost guideKitchen makeovers can be costly and time consuming. Having a total remodel will mean days, possibly weeks without a functioning kitchen and a lot of mess to clean up. The cost of doing this can be massively high and leave you eating beans on toast in a beautiful room. If you are looking to do something more low scale and low budget to transform your kitchen then the ideas below should get your inner interior designer juices flowing.

A new coat of paint can freshen up any room especially the kitchen. Walls can become stained from cooking so a lick of paint can cover this up nicely. If the room is dark then a light color can really open up the room and revive a dull kitchen into a bright airy place without knocking down any walls.

Install a tile back-splash 

Installing a tile back-splash is a great way of bringing colour and texture into the kitchen. You can bring it as far up the wall as you would like to make it a feature and focus point when you walk into the room. If you already have a backsplash then a lick of paint can transform the look and feel of the kitchen.

Change the look of your kitchen tiles the easy way

If you are bored of your kitchen tiles but don’t want to have to try remove them and then grout again for new ones then simply go over the top of them. Many companies have brought out very thin adhesive tiles that can simply be stuck over the top of existing ones. A simple and easy way to change the look of your tiles without the work. These stick on tiles can be used on the walls and on the floors.

If your worktop has seen better days then invest in a roll of sticky back vinyl. This is a simple trick that will hide any stains or chips on your worktop or completely change the look of it. The vinyl comes in all colours and styles from shiny sleek red to marble effect. You just need to cut it to size, peel off the back and stick it over the top of your existing worktop. A brand new style without having to pull out any heavy worktops.


Repainting kitchen cabinets can bring outdated doors back to life and change the look of your kitchen. Add to this some new door handles or knobs and you can have a new fitted kitchen look within a day without having to even take the doors off their hinges.

Remove your doors

If the doors are what you want to change then think about removing them completely and going for an open shelving look. Choose a section of the kitchen, take the doors off and then paint the inside a different colour or put in some wallpaper. This will make it a feature shelf where you can display some ornaments, bowls, vases or dishes.

install a new faucet

To brighten up the sink area then look at installing a new faucet for an instant update. You can get many different models and different finishes that will change the look of your sink. From vintage inspired to sleek and shiny, there are so many combinations to choose from.

The sink can also benefit from simple additions like a pretty soap dish or a dispenser to take away any clutter and give a clean finished look.

Brighten up your window

Flowers are a lovely way to brighten up a window but add a twist to this by making your own herb garden window box. It is a great way to create a visual impact as well as adding flavour to your food. Plants such as Orchids can also give some colour and feel to a window and will last longer than a bunch of flowers.

To frame the window box try making some new curtains. Fabric comes in all colours and designs so can be used to make a statement in the kitchen or to enhance the colour scheme that is already there.

Changing the look of your kitchen needn’t be an expensive or inconvenient job. By doing some simple DIY in your own spare time can really update what is already there and bring a new dimension and feel to your cooking space with the satisfaction of having done it yourself.

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